NRL 2022

Round 15


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View  St George Illawarra 32 (M. Ravalawa 2, J. De Belin, B. Hunt, C. Ramsey, M. Suli tries; Z. Lomax 4 goals) defeated Souths 12 (D. Cook, C. Murray tries; K. Nikorima 2 goals) at WIN Stadium.
Date: Thu, 16th June.   Kickoff: 7:50 PM.   Halftime: St George Illawarra 32-0.   Penalties: St George Illawarra 9-5.   Referee: Grant Atkins.   Crowd: 11,257.
View  North QLD 28 (V. Holmes 2, C. Lemuelu, J. Nanai, R. Robson tries; V. Holmes 4 goals) defeated Manly 26 (L. Croker 2, C. Tuipulotu 2, R. Garrick tries; R. Garrick 3 goals) at 4 Pines Park.
Date: Fri, 17th June.   Kickoff: 6:00 PM.   Halftime: Manly 10-6.   Penalties: Manly 5-4.   Referee: Gerard Sutton.   Crowd: 9,226.
View  Melbourne 32 (J. Hughes 2, D. Ieremia 2, T. Kamikamica, C. Munster tries; N. Meaney 4 goals) defeated Brisbane 20 (C. Oates 2, S. Cobbo, E. Mam tries; K. Staggs 2 goals) at AAMI Park.
Date: Fri, 17th June.   Kickoff: 7:55 PM.   Halftime: 16-all.   Penalties: Melbourne 6-5.   Referee: Adam Gee.   Crowd: 18,586.
View  Cronulla 18 (B. Brailey, S. Katoa, M. Moylan tries; N. Hynes 3 goals) defeated Gold Coast 10 (B. Fermor, G. Marzhew tries; J. Isaako goal) at C.ex Coffs International Stadium.
Date: Sat, 18th June.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: 10-all.   Penalties: Cronulla 8-6.   Referee: Chris Sutton.   Crowd: 9,058.
View  Penrith 40 (B. To'o 2, D. Edwards, M. Leota, L. Martin, T. May, I. Yeo tries; N. Cleary 5, S. Crichton goals) defeated Warriors 6 (J. Curran try; R. Walsh goal) at Moreton Daily Stadium.
Date: Sat, 18th June.   Kickoff: 5:30 PM.   Halftime: Penrith 18-0.   Penalties: Warriors 8-3.   Referee: Peter Gough.   Crowd: 8,127.
View  Parramatta 26 (D. Brown, C. Gutherson, R. Mahoney, I. Papali'i, M. Sivo tries; M. Moses 3 goals) defeated Sydney 16 (J. Sua'ali'i 2, S. Tupouniua tries; S. Walker 2 goals) at CommBank Stadium.
Date: Sat, 18th June.   Kickoff: 7:35 PM.   Halftime: Parramatta 26-12.   Penalties: 8-all.   Referee: Todd Smith.   Crowd: 21,757.
View  Canberra 20 (N. Cotric, X. Savage, M. Timoko, H. Young tries; J. Fogarty 2 goals) defeated Newcastle 18 (M. Croker, E. Lee, K. Mann tries; K. Ponga 3 goals) at GIO Stadium.
Date: Sun, 19th June.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Canberra 14-6.   Penalties: Canberra 8-4.   Referee: Ashley Klein.   Crowd: 12,457.
View  Canterbury 36 (J. Averillo 2, J. Kiraz, J. Marshall-King, K. Morrin, A. Schoupp tries; M. Burton 6 goals) defeated Wests Tigers 12 (D. Nofoaluma, J. Tamou tries; L. Brooks 2 goals) at CommBank Stadium.
Date: Sun, 19th June.   Kickoff: 4:05 PM.   Halftime: Canterbury 12-6.   Penalties: Canterbury 4-3.   Referee: Ben Cummins.   Crowd: 14,806.