NRL 2006

Round 13


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View  St Geo Illa 8 (M. Cooper try; A. Gorrell goal; B. Hornby 2 field goals) defeated Parramatta 1 (J. Morris field goal) at Oki Jubilee Stadium.
Date: Fri, 2nd June.   Kickoff: 7:30 PM.   Halftime: 0-all.   Scrums: Parramatta 8-3.   Penalties: Parramatta 4-2.   Referee: Sean Hampstead.   Crowd: 9,075.
View  Melbourne 20 (G. Inglis 2, S. Turner, J. Webster tries; C. Smith 2 goals) defeated Sydney 16 (R. Cross, V. Mellars, A. Roberts tries; A. Roberts, J. Soward goals) at Olympic Park Stadium.
Date: Sat, 3rd June.   Kickoff: 5:30 PM.   Halftime: Melbourne 12-4.   Scrums: Melbourne 10-8.   Penalties: Sydney 5-4.   Referee: Ben Cummins.   Crowd: 8,491.
View  Bulldogs 38 (H. El Masri 3, C. Hughes 2, D. Holdsworth, R. Maitua tries; H. El Masri 5 goals) defeated Newcastle 22 (A. Quinn 2, B. Carney, C. Newton tries; A. Johns 3 goals) at Telstra Stadium.
Date: Sat, 3rd June.   Kickoff: 7:30 PM.   Halftime: 16-all.   Scrums: Bulldogs 9-4.   Penalties: Newcastle 6-5.   Referee: Paul Simpkins.   Crowd: 12,658.
View  Canberra 24 (T. Carney, M. Chalk, D. Howell, A. Tongue tries; C. Schifcofske 4 goals) defeated Souths 22 (P. Cusack, S. McPherson, P. Mellor, J. Williams tries; J. Williams 3 goals) at Canberra Stadium.
Date: Sat, 3rd June.   Kickoff: 7:30 PM.   Halftime: Canberra 18-6.   Scrums: Canberra 9-7.   Penalties: Canberra 7-5.   Referee: Jared Maxwell.   Crowd: 10,150.
View  Brisbane 23 (G. Eastwood 2, S. Berrigan, T. Tupou tries; C. Parker 3 goals; D. Lockyer field goal) defeated Warriors 18 (R. Wiki 2, P. Ah Van tries; T. Martin 3 goals) at Ericsson Stadium.
Date: Sun, 4th June.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Brisbane 18-12.   Scrums: Brisbane 8-7.   Penalties: 1-all.   Referee: Shayne Hayne.   Crowd: 7,746.
View  Manly 29 (B. Stewart 3, S. Bell, S. Menzies tries; T. Burns 4 goals; M. Monaghan field goal) defeated Penrith 22 (P. Aiton, L. Rooney, T. Waterhouse, R. Wesser tries; P. Campbell 3 goals) at Credit Union Australia Stadium.
Date: Sun, 4th June.   Kickoff: 2:30 PM.   Halftime: Manly 20-10.   Scrums: Manly 3-1.   Penalties: Penrith 6-3.   Referee: Tony Archer.   Crowd: 10,256.
View  Wests Tigers 24 (D. Collis, M. Crockett, A. Laffranchi, B. Marshall tries; B. Hodgson 4 goals) defeated North QLD 14 (P. Bowman, G. Cooper, J. Thurston tries; J. Thurston goal) at Telstra Stadium.
Date: Sun, 4th June.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Wests Tigers 18-4.   Scrums: North QLD 8-6.   Penalties: Wests Tigers 7-6.   Referee: Steve Clark.   Crowd: 16,736.