Hostplus Cup

Round 12


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View  Redcliffe 24 (E. Kosi 3, T. Fuller, V. Te Whare tries; D. Asi 2 goals) drew with Central QLD 24 (C. Dansey-Smaller 2, B. Moore, B. Roberts, J. Simbiken tries; T. Browne 2 goals) at Moreton Daily Stadium.
Date: Sat, 18th June.   Kickoff: 2:30 PM.   Halftime: Redcliffe 18-10.   Penalties: Redcliffe 8-6.   Referee: Liam Kennedy.   
View  Mackay 24 (L. Moceidreke 2, B. Condon, E. Coutts tries; B. Finnegan 4 goals) defeated Tweed 22 (B. Barnes, W. Brimson, R. Jacobs, C. Murray tries; L. McGrady 3 goals) at Piggabeen Sports Complex.
Date: Sat, 18th June.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Tweed 16-6.   Penalties: Mackay 7-3.   Referee: Daniel Schwass.   
View  Wynnum-Manly 20 (Z. Hosking, D. Mead, T. Robati tries; M. Plath 4 goals) defeated Sunshine Coast 12 (T. Rafter, T. Wishart tries; T. Smoothy 2 goals) at Stafford Park.
Date: Sat, 18th June.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Wynnum-Manly 20-0.   Penalties: 8-all.   Referee: Jarrod Cole.   
View  Townsville 30 (I. Baleiwairiki, J. Boyce, K. Faifai Loa, Z. Laybutt, D. Pua'avase tries; S. Nona 5 goals) defeated Brisbane 18 (G. Fai, D. Nicholls, B. Toomaga tries; B. Toomaga 3 goals) at Jack Manski Oval.
Date: Sat, 18th June.   Kickoff: 4:00 PM.   Halftime: Townsville 18-6.   Penalties: Brisbane 11-5.   Referee: Ben Watts.   
View  Ipswich 26 (N. Barker, G. Burns, N. Neale, R. Rotavisoro tries; L. Cooper 5 goals) defeated Souths Logan 18 (J. Elmore, B. Frith, T. Sailor tries; T. Sailor 3 goals) at Marsden State High School.
Date: Sat, 18th June.   Kickoff: 6:00 PM.   Halftime: Ipswich 18-12.   Penalties: Ipswich 7-6.   Referee: Dan Munroe.   
View  Burleigh 54 (M. Stone-Dunn 3, H. Schwass 2, H. Ese'ese, D. Kelly, A. Khan-Pereira, K. Pere, T. Tuaupiki tries; J. Rogers 7 goals) defeated Norths 18 (R. Kennedy, B. McGrady, B. Piakura tries; C. Broadhurst 3 goals) at UAA Park.
Date: Sun, 19th June.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Burleigh 42-0.   Penalties: Burleigh 4-2.   Referee: Chris Butler.   
View  Northern Pride 30 (W. Partridge 2, M. Egan, G. Gela-Mosby, N. Lui-Toso, E. Moore tries; W. Partridge 3 goals) defeated PNG 6 (G. Paul try; M. Tony goal) at Barlow Park.
Date: Sun, 19th June.   Kickoff: 2:10 PM.   Halftime: Northern Pride 20-0.   Penalties: Northern Pride 6-5.   Referee: Belinda Sharpe.