NRL 2003

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Round 18

Melbourne Storm 22 def. North Queensland Cowboys 16

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Saturday, July 12th, 2003
Sean Hampstead
Olympic Park (Melbourne)
  Melbourne Storm North Queensland Cowboys
  22 16

Match Stats

Halftime Score 12 16
Scrums 5 10
Penalties 9 7

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Matt Geyer   Paul Dezolt
    Ryan Hoffman   Aaron Morgan
    Fifita Moala   David Myles
    Matt Orford    
Goals   Matt Orford (3/6)   Glenn Morrison (2/4)


Fullback 1. Billy Slater 1. Daniel Sorbello
Wing 16. Fifita Moala 2. Brenton Bowen
Centre 3. Steve Bell 3. Ty Williams
Centre 2. Dustin Cooper 4. Paul Bowman
Wing 5. Marcus Bai 5. Aaron Morgan
Five-Eighth 6. Matt Geyer 6. David Myles
Halfback 7. Matt Orford 7. Chris Sheppard
Front Row 11. Peter Robinson 8. Paul Rauhihi
Hooker 14. Nathan Friend 9. Paul Dezolt
Front Row 10. Mitchell Sargent 10. Daniel Strickland
Second Row 4. David Kidwell 11. Kevin Campion (c)
Second Row 12. Stephen Kearney (c) 12. Chris Muckert
Lock 17. Glen Turner 13. Glenn Morrison
Bench 8. Kirk Reynoldson 14. Shane Muspratt
Bench 9. Danny Williams 15. Micheal Luck
Bench 13. Dallas Johnson 17. Jaiman Lowe
Bench 15. Ryan Hoffman 19. Jamie McDonald
Coach   Craig Bellamy   Graham Murray

Match Notes

- The 2004 yearbook incorrectly lists Paul Bowman as co-captain in this game, something which is not included in the total in the Cowboys summary at the end. Campion led the side out onto the park and was listed as the sole captain

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