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Detailed history, stats, results, players, scorers, appearances, squad lists, coaches, ladders and more, dating back to the very first NSWRL season in 1908. This archive contains pointscorers for every single match of every season and is verified against match scorelines and end-of-season ladders.

Current Premiers
Sydney Roosters 
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Current Ladder

1. Parramatta11--82+611--466+4022--5484+46
2. Newcastle11--20-+2011--4224+1822--62244+38
3. Canberra11--246+1811--206+1422--44124+32
4. Melbourne------+022--3014+1622--30144+16
5. Brisbane11--2218+411--2821+722--50394+11
6. Penrith11--2014+611--3228+422--52424+10
7. North Queensland1-1-2128-711--2416+8211-45442+1
8. South Sydney11--2218+41-1-1822-4211-40402+0
9. Wests Tigers1-1-2442-1811--2414+10211-48562-8
10. Manly Warringah1-1-418-1411--98+1211-13262-13
11. Cronulla1-1-1012-21-1-1822-42-2-28340-6
12. Sydney1-1-89-11-1-1420-62-2-22290-7
13. Canterbury1-1-1624-81-1-28-62-2-18320-14
14. St George Illawarra2-2-4256-14------+02-2-42560-14
15. Warriors1-1-620-141-1--20-202-2-6400-34
16. Gold Coast Titans1-1-646-401-1-624-182-2-12700-58
  • Total games played: 16
  • Total points scored: 566
  • Average points per game: 35.38
  • Best attack: Newcastle Knights (31.00 ppg - 175.24%)
  • Best defense: Parramatta Eels (4.00 ppg - 22.61%)
  • Worst attack: Warriors (3.00 ppg - 16.96%)
  • Worst defense: Gold Coast Titans (35.00 ppg - 197.85%)

Past Teams

Adelaide Rams, Annandale, Balmain Tigers, Cumberland (AUS), Glebe, Gold Coast Chargers, Hunter Mariners, Illawarra Steelers, Newcastle, Newtown Jets, North Sydney Bears, Northern Eagles, St George Dragons, South Queensland Crushers, University, Western Reds, Western Suburbs Magpies


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