2024 Hostplus Cup

Round 13


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View  Northern 24 (D. Lui, E. Moore, J. Taumoepeau, L. West tries; T. Duffy 4 goals) defeated Burleigh 16 (T. Leo, K. Pere, J. Rogers tries; J. Rogers 2 goals) at Barlow Park.
Date: Sat, 8th June.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Burleigh 16-10.   Referee: Tyson Brough.   
View  Central QLD 22 (L. Doyle, R. Jackson, Z. John, A. Milford tries; B. Moore 3 goals) defeated Tweed 18 (J. Owen, T. Steadman, J. Vuna tries; L. McGrady 3 goals) at Rugby Park Rockhampton.
Date: Sat, 8th June.   Kickoff: 6:30 PM.   Halftime: Tweed 12-6.   Referee: Ben Watts.   
View  PNG 28 (B. Kelly, C. Lama, J. Rimbu, E. Roltinga, S. Wabo tries; J. Mavoko 4 goals) defeated Western 22 (K. Buhse, C. Fenning, T. Otukolo, D. Timms tries; C. Fenning 3 goals) at Toowoomba Sports Ground.
Date: Sun, 9th June.   Kickoff: 2:10 PM.   Halftime: PNG 24-10.   Penalties: Western 6-5.   Referee: Taylor Worth.