2024 Hostplus Cup

Round 11


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View  Northern 40 (J. Clifford 2, W. Partridge 2, D. Aukafolau, T. Duffy, E. Moore tries; T. Duffy 6 goals) defeated Souths Logan 22 (B. Mozer, E. Quai-Ward, V. Semu, K. Tempest tries; B. Finnegan 3 goals) at Queensland Country Bank Stadium.
Date: Fri, 24th May.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Northern 24-12.   Penalties: Souths Logan 7-6.   Referee: Josh Eaton.   
View  Redcliffe 13 (W. Dobson, J. Walsh tries; J. James 2 goals; J. James field goal) defeated Burleigh 4 (C. Toia try) at Kayo Stadium.
Date: Sat, 25th May.   Kickoff: 6:00 PM.   Halftime: 0-all.   Referee: Daniel Schwass.   
View  Norths 50 (G. Burns 3, B. Paskins 2, S. Elliott, M. Kaho, J. Lipp, M. Teague tries; G. Burns 7 goals) defeated Ipswich 16 (R. Jacks, L. Maddaford, K. Maumalo tries; B. Toomaga 2 goals) at North Ipswich Reserve.
Date: Sun, 26th May.   Kickoff: 2:10 PM.   Halftime: Norths 22-4.   Penalties: 5-all.   Referee: Matt Gannon.   
View  Mackay 40 (J. Smith 2, R. Burns, R. Dean, J. Purdue, B. Russell, J. Shibasaki tries; R. Dean 6 goals) defeated PNG 26 (A. Max 2, J. Rop 2, E. Roltinga tries; J. Mavoko 3 goals) at BB Print Stadium.
Date: Sun, 26th May.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: PNG 20-10.   Referee: Taylor Worth.   
View  Wynnum-Manly 38 (S. Hopoate 2, C. Broadhurst, B. Donovan, K. Falls, L. Gale, K. Saitaua tries; B. Donovan 5 goals) defeated Western 32 (K. Buhse, C. Fenning, L. Helleur-atiga, L. Mafi, F. Schwalger, D. Timms tries; C. Fenning 4 goals) at Bulldog Park.
Date: Sun, 26th May.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Wynnum-Manly 18-10.   Penalties: Wynnum-Manly 6-4.   Referee: Jordan Morel.