NSWRL 1994

Round 2


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View  Canberra 46 (B. Clyde 2, J. Croker, L. Daley, A. Fulivai, D. Furner, B. Mullins, S. Walters, R. Wiki tries; D. Furner 4, M. Meninga goals) defeated South Sydney 16 (D. Beecraft, B. Goldspink, D. McRae tries; C. Field 2 goals) at Bruce Stadium.
Date: Fri, 18th March.   Scrums: Canberra 4-2.   Penalties: 10-all.   Referee: Mick Lewis.   Crowd: 15,282.
View  Gold Coast 25 (K. Campion 2, P. Gill, D. Shearer, J. Skardon tries; K. Campion, D. Shearer goals; D. Shearer field goal) defeated Brisbane 12 (T. Matterson, J. O'Neill tries; T. Matterson 2 goals) at Carrara Stadium.
Date: Fri, 18th March.   Halftime: Gold Coast 8-0.   Scrums: Gold Coast 14-7.   Penalties: Gold Coast 5-2.   Referee: Bill Harrigan.   Crowd: 22,688.
View  North Sydney 26 (D. Fairleigh, S. Hoppe, G. Larson, J. Taylor tries; J. Taylor 5 goals) defeated Eastern Suburbs 8 (M. Protheroe try; B. Smith 2 goals) at North Sydney Oval.
Date: Sat, 19th March.   Scrums: Eastern Suburbs 10-9.   Penalties: North Sydney 8-1.   Referee: Steve Clark.   Crowd: 6,549.
View  Cronulla 15 (M. Healey, D. Higgins tries; E. Crossan 3 goals; M. Healey field goal) defeated Canterbury 14 (D. Halligan, T. Lamb tries; D. Halligan 3 goals) at Belmore Sports Ground.
Date: Sun, 20th March.   Scrums: Cronulla 9-6.   Penalties: 7-all.   Referee: Greg McCallum.   Crowd: 11,807.
View  Illawarra 18 (J. Cross, P. Johnston, I. Russell tries; G. Keenan 3 goals) drew with Manly 18 (D. Gartner 2, O. Cunningham tries; M. Ridge 3 goals) at Steelers Stadium.
Date: Sun, 20th March.   Scrums: Manly 12-6.   Penalties: Illawarra 10-7.   Referee: Kelvin Jeffes.   Crowd: 10,268.
View  Western Suburbs 19 (S. Georgallis, G. Grief, A. Leeds tries; A. Leeds 3 goals; J. Serdaris field goal) defeated Newcastle 18 (J. Ainscough, P. Harragon, R. Wyer tries; A. Johns 3 goals) at Marathon Stadium.
Date: Sun, 20th March.   Scrums: Western Suburbs 8-6.   Penalties: Western Suburbs 13-9.   Referee: Graham Annesley.   Crowd: 16,668.
View  Balmain 14 (G. Bourke, S. Russell tries; T. Brasher 2, G. Bourke goals) defeated Parramatta 12 (B. Plowman try; K. Blackett 3, S. Mahon goals) at Parramatta Stadium.
Date: Sun, 20th March.   Scrums: Balmain 7-3.   Penalties: Parramatta 12-8.   Referee: Eddie Ward.   Crowd: 14,308.
View  Penrith 8 (M. Bell, S. Carter tries) defeated St George 6 (G. Tallis try; I. Herron goal) at Kogarah Oval.
Date: Sun, 20th March.   Scrums: St George 12-9.   Penalties: St George 9-6.   Referee: Tim Mander.   Crowd: 9,229.