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Date Competition Round   Team   Score Opposition Coach(es) Captain(s) Venue Crowd Number Pos Scoring  
Jun 21st Women's State Of Origin 2019 H NSW (W) W 14-4 QLD (W) A Patmore K Apps North Sydney 10,515 #6 Five-Eighth G: 1/2 View
Sep 14th NRLW 2019 Round 1 H Sydney (W) L 12-16 Warriors (W) R Stone R Sims AAMI Park   #6 Five-Eighth G: 2/2 View
Sep 21st NRLW 2019 Round 2 A Sydney (W) L 0-20 Brisbane (W) R Stone R Sims AAMI Park   #6 Bench   View
Sep 29th NRLW 2019 Round 3 A Sydney (W) L 16-24 St George Illa (W) R Stone R Sims Leichhardt 2,293 #6 Five-Eighth G: 2/3 View
Oct 3rd NRLW 2020 Round 1 A Warriors (W) L 14-28 Brisbane (W) B Donald G Hale GIO Stadium   #6 Five-Eighth G: 1/3 View
Oct 10th NRLW 2020 Round 2 H Warriors (W) L 12-22 Sydney (W) B Donald G Hale Bankwest   #6 Five-Eighth T: 1, G: 2/2 View
Oct 17th NRLW 2020 Round 3 A Warriors (W) W 22-10 St George Illa (W) B Donald G Hale ANZ 681 #6 Five-Eighth G: 1/5 View
Feb 12th All Stars 2022 A N Indigenous (W) W 18-8 Maori (W) B Jeffries Q Dodd CommBank 26,755 #6 Five-Eighth G: 3/3 View
Feb 27th NRLW 2021 Round 1 H Newcastle (W) L 12-13 Parramatta (W) C Bromilow R Teitzel McDonald Jones 5,019 #17 Bench G: 1/1 View
Mar 6th NRLW 2021 Round 2 H N Newcastle (W) L 10-28 Brisbane (W) C Bromilow R Teitzel WIN Stadium 1,036 #17 Bench   View
Mar 12th NRLW 2021 Round 3 A Newcastle (W) L 12-28 Sydney (W) C Bromilow R Teitzel SCG   #17 Five-Eighth G: 2/2 View
Mar 20th NRLW 2021 Round 4 H N Newcastle (W) L 4-40 St George Illa (W) C Bromilow R Teitzel McDonald Jones   #17 Five-Eighth G: 0/1 View
Mar 27th NRLW 2021 Round 5 A N Newcastle (W) L 10-14 Gold Coast (W) C Bromilow R Teitzel Suncorp   #7 Halfback G: 1/2 View
Jun 24th Women's State Of Origin 2022 H NSW (W) W 20-14 QLD (W) K Hilder   GIO Stadium 11,321 #6 Five-Eighth T: 1 View
Aug 21st NRLW 2022 Round 1 H Newcastle (W) W 32-14 Brisbane (W) R Griffiths M Boyle, H Southwell McDonald Jones 8,323 #6 Five-Eighth G: 4/6 View
Aug 28th NRLW 2022 Round 2 A Newcastle (W) W 16-12 Gold Coast (W) R Griffiths M Boyle CBUS   #6 Five-Eighth G: 2/3 View
Sep 4th NRLW 2022 Round 3 H Newcastle (W) W 18-16 Parramatta (W) R Griffiths M Boyle McDonald Jones   #6 Five-Eighth G: 3/4 View
Sep 11th NRLW 2022 Round 4 A Newcastle (W) L 16-18 Sydney (W) R Griffiths M Boyle Allianz   #6 Five-Eighth G: 0/1 View
Sep 18th NRLW 2022 Round 5 A N Newcastle (W) W 30-8 St George Illa (W) R Griffiths M Boyle Central Coast 6,214 #6 Five-Eighth   View
Sep 25th NRLW 2022 Semi Final H N Newcastle (W) W 30-6 St George Illa (W) R Griffiths M Boyle Suncorp   #6 Five-Eighth T: 1, G: 5/5 View

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