NRLW 2023

Round 6


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View  Parramatta (W) 16 (K. Hunt 2, M. Murphy tries; R. Pearson 2 goals) defeated North QLD (W) 12 (T. Raftstrand-Smith, L. Surha tries; K. Dibb 2 goals) at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium.
Date: Sat, 26th August.   Kickoff: 11:05 AM.   Halftime: Parramatta (W) 10-0.   Penalties: Parramatta (W) 11-5.   Referee: Cameron Paddy.   Crowd: 520.
View  Gold Coast (W) 23 (J. Chapman 2, K. Brown, J. Elliston, E. Pelite tries; L. Brown goal; L. Brown field goal) defeated St George Illa (W) 22 (T. Berry 4 tries; R. McGregor 2, J. Bright goals) at Netstrata Jubilee Stadium.
Date: Sat, 26th August.   Kickoff: 1:15 PM.   Halftime: Gold Coast (W) 14-6.   Penalties: St George Illa (W) 5-4.   Referee: Belinda Sharpe.   Crowd: 1,312.
View  Sydney (W) 48 (M. Wood 3, C. Baxter, M. Boyle, J. Kelleher, I. Kelly, B. Parker, A. Pasikala, J. Sergis tries; J. Kelleher 4 goals) defeated Wests Tigers (W) 10 (R. Horne, S. Togatuki tries; P. Piliae-Rasabale goal) at Allianz Stadium.
Date: Sat, 26th August.   Kickoff: 3:10 PM.   Halftime: Sydney (W) 28-10.   Penalties: Wests Tigers (W) 6-4.   Referee: Mitchell Currie.   Crowd: 8,161.
View  Brisbane (W) 40 (L. Dam 2, M. Hufanga 2, A. Brigginshaw, G. Broughton, S. Ciesiolka, J. Robinson tries; A. Brigginshaw 4 goals) defeated Canberra (W) 8 (J. Gentle, C. Robins-Reti tries) at Totally Workwear Stadium.
Date: Sun, 27th August.   Kickoff: 12:03 PM.   Halftime: Brisbane (W) 10-8.   Penalties: Canberra (W) 5-4.   Referee: Rochelle Tamarua.   Crowd: 1,692.
View  Newcastle (W) 22 (S. Parker 2, Y. Clydsdale, T. Predebon tries; J. Southwell 3 goals) defeated Cronulla (W) 14 (E. Johnston, G. Ravics, C. Saunders tries; T. Preston goal) at McDonald Jones Stadium.
Date: Sun, 27th August.   Kickoff: 1:45 PM.   Halftime: Newcastle (W) 16-0.   Penalties: Cronulla (W) 6-3.   Referee: Kasey Badger.   Crowd: 19,519.