Round 3


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View  St George 27 (P. Broughton, J. Holden, K. Hole, R. Kite, K. O'Brien, N. Provan, B. Smith tries; K. O'Brien 2, A. Staunton goals) defeated Balmain 13 (B. Garvin try; J. Fifield 4, G. Fifield goals) at Leichhardt Oval.
Date: Sat, 10th April12:00 AM.   Referee: A Konnecke.   
View  Eastern Suburbs 21 (K. Doyle 2, K. McDonald tries; R. Booth 6 goals) defeated North Sydney 13 (C. Lay try; A. Arkey 5 goals) at Sydney Sports Ground.
Date: Sat, 10th April12:00 AM.   Referee: Jack O'Brien.   
View  Newtown 20 (R. Preston 2, R. Kelly, H. Poole tries; G. Clifford 3 goals; G. Clifford field goal) drew with South Sydney 20 (L. Brennan, I. Moir tries; B. Purcell 7 goals) at Sydney Cricket Ground.
Date: Sat, 10th April12:00 AM.   Referee: Darcy Lawler.   
View  Parramatta 36 (I. Johnston 2, M. Bailey, M. McClintock, A. Perkins, J. Slade, D. Tosh, R. Trudgett tries; B. Hobbs 6 goals) defeated Canterbury 14 (F. Anderson, J. White tries; J. Bradley 4 goals) at Cumberland Oval.
Date: Sat, 10th April12:00 AM.   Referee: Aub Oxford.   
View  Western Suburbs 20 (K. Holman, B. Owens tries; G. Bain 6, K. Holman goals) defeated Manly Warringah 9 (J. Hobbs try; R. Rowles 3 goals) at Pratten Park.
Date: Sat, 10th April12:00 AM.   Referee: Col Pearce.