France vs Australia 1963 Series

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Game 2

France 9 lost to Australia 21

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Sunday, December 22nd, 1963
Eddie Martung
Stade des Minimes (Toulouse)
  France Australia
  9 21

Match Stats

Halftime Score    

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Jean Etcheberry   Ken Irvine (2)
        Graeme Langlands
        Arthur Summons
        Ken Thornett
Goals   Jean Villeneuve (2)   Graeme Langlands (3)
    Andre Lacaze (1)    


Fullback 1. Andre Carrere 1. Ken Thornett
Wing 2. Jean Etcheberry 2. Ken Irvine
Centre 3. Bernard Fabre 3. Graeme Langlands
Centre 4. Claude Mantoulan 4. Reg Gasnier
Wing 5. F Roldos 5. Peter Dimond
Five-Eighth 6. Jean Villeneuve 6. Arthur Summons (c)
Halfback 7. Georges Fages 7. Barry Muir
Front Row 8. L Faletti 8. Graham Wilson
Hooker 9. Jean Graciet 9. Noel Kelly
Front Row 10. Jean Pano 10. Peter Gallagher
Second Row 11. Henri Marracq 11. Kevin Smyth
Second Row 12. Georges Ailleres 12. Brian Hambly
Lock 13. Andre Lacaze 13. John Raper
Coach       Arthur Summons

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