CIS Tour of South Africa 1992

The team list for the tour game against West Province is unknown. The Rothmans 1993/94 annual shows a tour summary, but the total # of appearances add up to 37 for three games, leaving two short.

Counting back based on the totals and who played in the two matches against South Africa, the following players likely took the field against West Province (in alphabetical order):

Andrei Ermolaev, Igor Gavrilin, Andrei Glotikov, Andrei Olari, Mikhail Piskonov, Dimitri Schlimmer, Mikhail Sharkov, Viktor Smirnov, Andrei Sokolov, Maxim Xramchenko and Oleg Zotov (11 in total, 2 short). It also has extra bench appearances for Sergy Bolonkin, Sergei Orlenko and Dimitri Vinohodov, but these may have been in the opening match against South Africa as no substitutes are documented for C.I.S. for this game.

South Africa
Top tryscorer
4 - Maxim Xramchenko
Top pointscorer
16 - Maxim Xramchenko


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Date Year Round Home   Away   Referee City Crowd  
Nov 13 1992 Game 1 South Africa 26 Commonwealth of Independent States 30 B. Haslam Johannesburg 2,000 View
18 1992 Game 2 South Africa West Province 22 Commonwealth of Independent States 12 Cape Town 1,500 View
20 1992 Game 3 South Africa 19 Commonwealth of Independent States 22 B. Haslam Pretoria 3,000 View