ARL 1995

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Round 6


Click on the View icon to view corresponding match page. Please note that you can click on teams, players, referees and venues in the list below, but the link colour has been removed in order to improve readability.

View  Sydney City 26 (D. Junee 3, P. Clarke, L. Ricketson tries; A. Walker 2 goals; A. Walker 2 field goals) defeated South Sydney 8 (J. Sinclair try; A. Willett 2 goals) at Sydney Football Stadium.
Date: Fri, 14th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: 6-all.   Penalties: Sydney City 7-4.   Referee: David Manson.   Crowd: 15,120.
View  Western Reds 22 (M. Fuller 2, J. Eade, J. Olejnik tries; C. Ryan 3 goals) defeated Sydney Tigers 6 (W. Patten try; G. Barwick goal) at WACA Ground.
Date: Fri, 14th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: Sydney Tigers 11-6.   Penalties: Sydney Tigers 9-7.   Referee: Paul McBlane.   Crowd: 15,909.
View  Gold Coast 22 (J. Goddard, A. Hodge, B. Hurst, S. Wilson tries; B. Hurst 3 goals) defeated Parramatta 18 (M. Buettner, J. Frare, P. Howlett tries; C. Lawler 3 goals) at Seagulls Stadium.
Date: Sat, 15th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: Gold Coast 10-8.   Penalties: Parramatta 6-3.   Referee: Graham Annesley.   Crowd: 4,151.
View  Cronulla 11 (P. Donaghy try; E. Crossan 3 goals; M. Healey field goal) defeated Penrith 8 (S. Carter try; R. Girdler 2 goals) at Penrith Football Stadium.
Date: Sat, 15th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: Cronulla 6-4.   Penalties: Cronulla 10-5.   Referee: Tim Mander.   Crowd: 6,317.
View  Newcastle 23 (J. Ainscough, A. Gordon, R. McCormack tries; A. Johns 5 goals; J. Ainscough field goal) defeated Western Suburbs 22 (S. Georgallis, P. Langmack, J. Serdaris tries; A. Willis 4, A. Leeds goals) at Campbelltown Sports Ground.
Date: Sat, 15th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: 8-all.   Penalties: Western Suburbs 13-7.   Referee: Eddie Ward.   Crowd: 4,054.
View  Auckland 38 (S. Hoppe 2, G. Alexander, D. Bell, D. Mann, T. Ropati, W. Taewa tries; G. Ngamu 5 goals) defeated Illawarra 12 (J. Britten, B. Rodwell tries; R. Wishart 2 goals) at Ericsson Stadium.
Date: Sun, 16th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: Auckland 11-6.   Penalties: 7-all.   Referee: Mick Lewis.   Crowd: 32,174.
View  Manly Warringah 38 (O. Cunningham, C. Hancock, T. Hill, J. Hopoate, D. Moore, M. Ridge tries; M. Ridge 7 goals) defeated South Queensland 10 (T. Norton, W. Simonds tries; S. Ellis goal) at Brookvale Oval.
Date: Sun, 16th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: 6-all.   Penalties: 7-all.   Referee: Kelvin Jeffes.   Crowd: 10,616.
View  North Sydney 60 (D. Hall 2, B. Moore 2, M. Seers 2, M. Toshack 2, L. Erenavula, D. Fairleigh, J. Stuart tries; J. Taylor 8 goals) defeated North Queensland 6 (W. Morganson try; A. Vowles goal) at North Sydney Oval.
Date: Sun, 16th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: North Sydney 10-9.   Penalties: 5-all.   Referee: Graeme West.   Crowd: 6,707.
View  Canberra 16 (N. Nadruku, K. Nagas tries; D. Furner 4 goals) defeated Sydney Bulldogs 6 (B. Dallas try; D. Halligan goal) at Parramatta Stadium.
Date: Sun, 16th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: Sydney Bulldogs 7-6.   Penalties: Canberra 10-8.   Referee: Bill Harrigan.   Crowd: 20,180.
View  Brisbane 36 (K. Walters 2, S. Blacker, M. Hancock, G. Lazarus, T. Matterson tries; J. O'Neill 6 goals) defeated St George 18 (M. Coyne, I. Herron, G. Tallis tries; W. Bartrim 3 goals) at ANZ Stadium.
Date: Mon, 17th April12:00 AM.   Scrums: St George 8-6.   Penalties: St George 6-5.   Referee: Steve Clark.   Crowd: 39,843.


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