Ireland vs. New Zealand Maori

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Ireland 30 def. New Zealand Maori 16

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Saturday, November 4th, 2000
Bill Harrigan
Tolka Park (Dublin)
  Ireland New Zealand Maori
  30 16

Match Stats

Halftime Score 12 0
Penalties 9 4

Match Scoresheet

Tries   David Barnhill   Wairangi Koopu
    Brian Carney   Boycie Nelson
    Mark Forster   Hare Te Rangi
    Ryan Sheridan    
    Michael Withers    
Goals   Steve Prescott (5)   Gene Ngamu (1)
        Henry Perenara (1)


Fullback 1. Steve Prescott 1. Clinton Toopi
Wing 2. Brian Carney 2. Odell Manuel
Centre 3. Michael Withers 3. Toa Kohe-Love
Centre 4. Luke Ricketson 4. David Kidwell
Wing 5. Mark Forster 5. Sean Hoppe
Five-Eighth 6. Gavin Clinch 6. Gene Ngamu
Halfback 7. Ryan Sheridan 7. Hare Te Rangi
Front Row 8. Terry O'Connor 8. Paul Rauhihi
Hooker 9. Danny Williams 9. Henry Perenara
Front Row 10. Barrie McDermott 10. Terry Hermansson
Second Row 11. Chris Joynt 11. Wairangi Koopu
Second Row 12. David Barnhill 12. Tyran Smith
Lock 13. Kevin Campion 13. Tawera Nikau
Bench 14. Liam Bretherton 14. Martin Moana
Bench 15. Johnny Lawless 15. Boycie Nelson
Bench 16. Liam Tallon 16. Chris Nahi
Bench 17. Paul Southern 17. Tahi Reihana
Coach   Andy Kelly   Cameron Bell

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