Challenge Cup 1994/95

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Wigan Warriors
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Mar 11th Widnes 12 Wigan 26 J. Smith Naughton 6,981 View
T: K. Hammond
C. Makin
G: A. Hadley (2)
T: D. Betts
N. Cowie
M. Hall
M. Offiah
G: F. Botica (5)
Mar 12th Leeds 50 Workington Town 16 R. Tennant Headingley 15,452 View
T: E. Hanley (3)
F. Cummins
R. Eyres
K. Iro
G. Mann
G. Schofield
G: G. Holroyd (9)
T: K. Ellis
R. Phillips
G: D. Marwood (4)
Mar 12th Oldham 23 Huddersfield 12 A. Bates Watersheddings 8,182 View
T: M. Crompton (2)
P. Topping
G: W. Marsh (5)
FG: W. Gibson
T: D. Hanger
S. Reynolds
G: S. Kerry (2)
Mar 12th Whitehaven 14 Featherstone Rovers 42 C. Morris Recreation Gnd 4,119 View
T: M. Pechey
J. Routledge
G: L. Anderson (3)
T: F. Banquet (4)
M. Nixon
B. Rodger
N. Roebuck
G: M. Aston (7)
Mar 25th Wigan 48 Oldham 20 J. Smith Alfred McAlpine 12,749 View
T: G. Connolly (3)
D. Betts (2)
V. Tuigamala (2)
S. Edwards
B. Mather
G: F. Botica (6)
T: A. Belle (2)
D. Bradbury
I. Sherratt
G: W. Marsh (2)
Apr 1st Leeds 39 Featherstone Rovers 22 D. Campbell Elland Road 21,485 View
T: J. Fallon (2)
E. Hanley (2)
G. Holroyd
G. Schofield
A. Tait
G: G. Holroyd (5)
FG: G. Schofield
T: I. Butt
M. Calland
D. Divet
G. Southernwood
G: M. Aston (3)
Apr 29th Wigan 30 Leeds 10 R. Smith Wembley 78,550 View
T: J. Robinson (2)
M. Hall
H. Paul
V. Tuigamala
G: F. Botica (5)
T: J. Lowes
G: G. Holroyd (3)