Ashes Series 1911/12

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View  Australia 19 (V. Farnsworth 2, B. Cann, A. Francis, H. Hallett tries; B. Cann, A. Francis goals) defeated England 10 (W. Davies 2 tries; J. Thomas 2 goals) at St James' Park.
Date: Wed, 8th November.   Halftime: Australia 19-7.   Referee: B Ennion.   Crowd: 5,317.
View  England 11 (H. Wagstaff 2, J. Lomas tries; A. Wood goal) drew with Australia 11 (D. Frawley, C. McKivat, C. Russell tries; A. Francis goal) at Tynecastle Stadium.
Date: Sat, 16th December.   Halftime: England 11-3.   Referee: H Renton.   Crowd: 8,000.
View  Australia 33 (T. Berecry 2, D. Frawley 2, P. McCue 2, C. McKivat 2, V. Farnsworth tries; D. Frawley 2, H. Gilbert goals) defeated England 8 (D. Clark, J. Lomas tries; A. Wood goal) at Villa Park.
Date: Mon, 1st January.   Halftime: Australia 11-8.   Referee: R Robinson.   Crowd: 4,000.