Ashes Series 1911/12

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England, Scotland


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Game 1
1911 Nov 8th England 10 - Australia 19 B. Ennion St James 5,317 View
T: W. Davies (2)
G: J. Thomas (2)
T: V. Farnsworth (2)
W. Cann
A. Francis
G. Hallett
G: W. Cann
A. Francis
Game 2
1911 Dec 16th England 11 - Australia 11 H. Renton Tynecastle 8,000 View
T: H. Wagstaff (2)
J. Lomas
G: A. Wood
T: D. Frawley
C. McKivat
C. Russell
G: A. Francis
Game 3
1912 Jan 1st England 8 - Australia 33 R. Robinson Villa Park 4,000 View
T: D. Clark
J. Lomas
G: A. Wood
T: T. Berecry (2)
D. Frawley (2)
P. McCue (2)
C. McKivat (2)
V. Farnsworth
G: D. Frawley (2)
H. Gilbert

3 games
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