Northern Rugby League 1969/70


Biggest home crowd
18,495 (vs. Hull KR in Semi Final)
Average home crowd


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Date Day Competition   Opposition   Score Coach(es) Captain(s) Venue Crowd Rank  
Aug 16th Sat LC (1) H Salford W 25-9     Central Park   View
Aug 26th Tue BFT (P) H Warrington W 22-6     Central Park   View
Sep 22nd Mon LC (2) H Whitehaven W 38-12     Central Park   View
Sep 29th Mon BFT (P) A Warrington L 10-15     Wilderspool   View
Oct 8th Wed LC (SF) A Swinton L 6-9     Station Road   View
Oct 14th Tue BFT (1) H Hull FC W 24-5     Central Park   View
Nov 11th Tue BFT (2) H Oldham W 12-0     Central Park   View
Dec 9th Tue BFT (SF) H St Helens D 13-13     Central Park   View
Dec 11th Thu BFT (SF) A St Helens W 15-9     Knowsley   View
Dec 16th Tue BFT (F) H Leigh L 6-11     Central Park 12,312 View
Feb 7th Sat CC (1) A Dewsbury W 11-6     Crown Flatt   View
Feb 21st Sat CC (2) A Oldham W 17-4     Watersheddings   View
Mar 7th Sat CC (3) A Leigh W 6-4     Hilton Park   View
Mar 21st Sat CC (SF) H Hull KR W 19-8     Headingley 18,495 View
Apr 18th Sat League H Whitehaven D 20-20     Central Park   7th View
Apr 20th Mon League A Whitehaven L 4-9     Recreation Gnd   9th View
May 9th Sat CC (F) A N Castleford L 2-7     Wembley 95,255 View

17 games
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Player ↓ Rep Age League Games Cups/Other Totals
App Int Tot T G FG Pts B S App Int Tot T G FG Pts B S App Int Tot T G FG Pts B S  
0 players 0 cur. / 0 tot.   2 games 0 0 0 0 0 0 15 games 0 0 0 0 0 0 17 games 0 0 0 0 0 0  

Legend: H = Home, A = Away, N = Neutral; W = Win, L = Loss, D = Draw, Rep = Representative Status, App = Starting Appearances, Int = Interchange Appearances.