NRL 2015

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Round 1
Thu Mar 5th 8:05pm Brisbane 6 South Sydney 36 G. Sutton, G. Atkins Suncorp 36,057 View
Fri Mar 6th 7:45pm Parramatta 42 Manly Warringah 12 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara Pirtek Stadium 18,718 View
Sat Mar 7th 6:00pm Gold Coast Titans 18 Wests Tigers 19 G. Badger, A. Gee CBUS 14,319 View
Sat Mar 7th 4:30pm Newcastle 24 Warriors 14 A. Klein, C. Butler Hunter 16,146 View
Sat Mar 7th 8:00pm North Queensland 4 Sydney 28 J. Maxwell, C. Sutton 1300SMILES 17,123 View
Sun Mar 8th 6:30pm Cronulla 20 Canberra 24 G. Morris, A. Shortall Remondis Stadium 11,096 View
Sun Mar 8th 4:00pm Penrith 24 Canterbury 18 B. Cummins, G. Reynolds Pepper Stadium 18,817 View
Mon Mar 9th 7:00pm St George Illawarra 4 Melbourne 12 A. Devcich, D. Munro WIN Jubilee 10,028 View
Round 2
Fri Mar 13th 7:35pm Canterbury 32 Parramatta 12 G. Sutton, G. Atkins ANZ 28,876 View
Fri Mar 13th 8:35pm Cronulla 2 Brisbane 10 B. Cummins, G. Reynolds Remondis Stadium 8,369 View
Sat Mar 14th 7:00pm Manly Warringah 24 Melbourne 22 J. Maxwell, C. Sutton Brookvale 10,531 View
Sat Mar 14th 8:00pm North Queensland 14 Newcastle 16 G. Badger, M. Noyen 1300SMILES 13,006 View
Sat Mar 14th 4:30pm Penrith 40 Gold Coast Titans 0 G. Morris, A. Shortall Carrington 6,240 View
Sun Mar 15th 6:30pm Canberra 6 Warriors 18 A. Devcich, G. Reynolds GIO Stadium 8,241 View
Sun Mar 15th 4:00pm South Sydney 34 Sydney 26 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara ANZ 27,289 View
Mon Mar 16th 7:00pm Wests Tigers 22 St George Illawarra 4 A. Klein, A. Gee Campbelltown 11,837 View
Round 3
Fri Mar 20th 7:35pm Brisbane 44 North Queensland 22 G. Sutton, G. Atkins Suncorp 40,047 View
Fri Mar 20th 7:35pm Manly Warringah 12 Canterbury 16 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara Brookvale 10,498 View
Sat Mar 21st 5:30pm Canberra 20 St George Illawarra 22 J. Maxwell, G. Morris GIO Stadium 11,774 View
Sat Mar 21st 7:30pm Melbourne 36 Cronulla 18 G. Badger, C. Sutton AAMI Park 13,015 View
Sat Mar 21st 5:00pm Warriors 29 Parramatta 16 A. Klein, A. Gee Mt Smart 14,112 View
Sun Mar 22nd 5:30pm Gold Coast Titans 18 Newcastle 20 A. Devcich, G. Reynolds CBUS 6,962 View
Sun Mar 22nd 4:00pm South Sydney 20 Wests Tigers 6 B. Cummins, A. Shortall ANZ 23,211 View
Mon Mar 23rd 7:00pm Sydney 20 Penrith 12 G. Sutton, M. Cecchin Allianz 10,735 View
Round 4
Fri Mar 27th 7:35pm Parramatta 29 South Sydney 16 B. Cummins, A. Shortall Pirtek Stadium 15,562 View
Fri Mar 27th 7:35pm Wests Tigers 24 Canterbury 25 A. Klein, A. Gee ANZ 20,121 View
Sat Mar 28th 5:30pm Cronulla 22 Gold Coast Titans 24 G. Sutton, M. Noyen Remondis Stadium 9,566 View
Sat Mar 28th 3:00pm Newcastle 26 Penrith 14 J. Maxwell, G. Morris Hunter 20,114 View
Sat Mar 28th 7:30pm St George Illawarra 12 Manly Warringah 4 G. Badger, C. Sutton WIN Stadium 12,087 View
Sun Mar 29th 2:00pm Sydney 34 Canberra 6 A. Devcich, G. Reynolds Allianz 9,582 View
Sun Mar 29th 2:00pm Warriors 16 Brisbane 24 M. Cecchin, G. Atkins Mt Smart 14,670 View
Mon Mar 30th 6:00pm North Queensland 18 Melbourne 17 B. Cummins, H. Perenara 1300SMILES 11,609 View
Round 5
Fri Apr 3rd 4:00pm Canterbury 17 South Sydney 18 G. Sutton, G. Morris ANZ 40,523 View
Fri Apr 3rd 7:35pm Gold Coast Titans 16 Brisbane 26 A. Klein, A. Shortall CBUS 15,432 View
Sat Apr 4th 5:05pm Manly Warringah 16 Canberra 29 H. Perenara, G. Reynolds Lavington 6,436 View
Sat Apr 4th 7:30pm Newcastle 0 St George Illawarra 13 G. Badger, C. Sutton Hunter 14,261 View
Sun Apr 5th 4:00pm Sydney 12 Cronulla 20 B. Cummins, A. Gee Allianz 12,004 View
Mon Apr 6th 5:00pm Melbourne 30 Warriors 14 A. Devcich, G. Reynolds AAMI Park 18,179 View
Mon Apr 6th 3:00pm Parramatta 6 Wests Tigers 22 J. Maxwell, G. Morris ANZ 35,510 View
Mon Apr 6th 7:00pm Penrith 10 North Queensland 30 M. Cecchin, G. Atkins Pepper Stadium 8,409 View
Round 6
Fri Apr 10th 7:35pm Brisbane 22 Sydney 18 G. Sutton, G. Atkins Suncorp 35,630 View
Fri Apr 10th 7:35pm Cronulla 22 Newcastle 6 A. Klein, A. Shortall Remondis Stadium 10,054 View
Sat Apr 11th 3:00pm Parramatta 16 Gold Coast Titans 38 H. Perenara, G. Reynolds Pirtek Stadium 11,136 View
Sat Apr 11th 7:30pm Penrith 22 Manly Warringah 12 J. Maxwell, C. James Pepper Stadium 11,117 View
Sat Apr 11th 7:30pm Warriors 32 Wests Tigers 22 G. Badger, B. Sutton Mt Smart 13,781 View
Sun Apr 12th 2:00pm Canberra 10 Melbourne 14 M. Cecchin, G. Morris GIO Stadium 10,536 View
Sun Apr 12th 4:00pm St George Illawarra 31 Canterbury 6 B. Cummins, M. Noyen ANZ 20,273 View
Mon Apr 13th 7:00pm South Sydney 12 North Queensland 30 A. Devcich, A. Shortall ANZ 13,866 View
Round 7
Fri Apr 17th 7:35pm Canterbury 28 Manly Warringah 16 G. Badger, C. Sutton ANZ 13,568 View
Fri Apr 17th 7:35pm St George Illawarra 12 Brisbane 10 M. Cecchin, C. Morris WIN Jubilee 13,029 View
Sat Apr 18th 3:00pm Gold Coast Titans 32 Penrith 6 J. Maxwell, C. James CBUS 9,244 View
Sat Apr 18th 7:30pm Melbourne 17 Sydney 16 A. Klein, A. Shortall AAMI Park 12,860 View
Sat Apr 18th 5:30pm North Queensland 28 Warriors 24 G. Sutton, G. Atkins 1300SMILES 16,038 View
Sun Apr 19th 4:00pm Newcastle 22 Parramatta 28 A. Devcich, D. Munro Hunter 16,953 View
Sun Apr 19th 2:00pm Wests Tigers 22 Canberra 30 H. Perenara, G. Reynolds Leichhardt 13,198 View
Mon Apr 20th 7:00pm Cronulla 18 South Sydney 10 B. Cummins, M. Noyen Remondis Stadium 3,978 View
Round 8
Fri Apr 24th 7:45pm Canterbury 14 Wests Tigers 38 J. Maxwell, G. Badger ANZ 18,521 View
Sat Apr 25th 8:00pm Brisbane 28 Parramatta 16 B. Cummins, C. James Suncorp 34,398 View
Sat Apr 25th 6:00pm Melbourne 10 Manly Warringah 12 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara AAMI Park 13,948 View
Sat Apr 25th 2:00pm Newcastle 24 North Queensland 26 A. Klein, C. Sutton Hunter 15,518 View
Sat Apr 25th 4:00pm Sydney 12 St George Illawarra 14 G. Sutton, G. Reynolds Allianz 35,110 View
Sat Apr 25th 2:00pm Warriors 28 Gold Coast Titans 32 G. Morris, D. Munro Mt Smart 15,518 View
Sun Apr 26th 2:00pm Penrith 26 Cronulla 18 G. Atkins, G. Badger Pepper Stadium 12,798 View
Sun Apr 26th 4:00pm South Sydney 22 Canberra 30 A. Devcich, A. Shortall Barlow Park 8,713 View
Round 9
Fri May 8th 7:35pm Brisbane 8 Penrith 5 M. Cecchin, G. Reynolds Suncorp 24,566 View
Fri May 8th 7:35pm Sydney 36 Wests Tigers 4 J. Maxwell, C. James Allianz 14,366 View
Sat May 9th 3:00pm Canberra 56 Gold Coast Titans 16 G. Atkins, G. Badger GIO Stadium 8,116 View
Sat May 9th 5:30pm Cronulla 16 Warriors 20 G. Morris, D. Munro Remondis Stadium 13,988 View
Sat May 9th 7:30pm North Queensland 23 Canterbury 16 B. Cummins, H. Perenara 1300SMILES 15,794 View
Sun May 10th 2:00pm Manly Warringah 30 Newcastle 10 A. Devcich, G. Reynolds Brookvale 10,065 View
Sun May 10th 4:00pm Parramatta 10 Melbourne 28 G. Sutton, A. Shortall Pirtek Stadium 10,505 View
Mon May 11th 7:00pm South Sydney 16 St George Illawarra 10 M. Cecchin, A. Klein ANZ 14,126 View
Round 10
Fri May 15th 7:35pm Canterbury 10 Sydney 24 G. Sutton, A. Shortall ANZ 17,093 View
Fri May 15th 7:35pm North Queensland 31 Brisbane 20 J. Maxwell, C. James 1300SMILES 24,531 View
Sat May 16th 5:30pm Gold Coast Titans 22 Cronulla 23 A. Devcich, D. Munro CBUS 10,466 View
Sat May 16th 7:30pm Melbourne 16 South Sydney 12 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara AAMI Park 18,067 View
Sat May 16th 3:00pm Parramatta 13 Warriors 17 G. Atkins, G. Reynolds Pirtek Stadium 11,152 View
Sun May 17th 4:00pm Newcastle 22 Wests Tigers 12 G. Badger, A. Klein Hunter 15,573 View
Sun May 17th 2:00pm St George Illawarra 32 Canberra 18 B. Cummins, C. Butler WIN Stadium 13,102 View
Mon May 18th 7:00pm Manly Warringah 10 Penrith 11 G. Morris, A. Shortall Brookvale 8,025 View
Round 11
Fri May 22nd 7:45pm South Sydney 14 Parramatta 12 J. Maxwell, C. James ANZ 11,658 View
Sat May 23rd 7:30pm Wests Tigers 0 North Queensland 8 M. Cecchin, G. Morris Campbelltown 8,267 View
Sun May 24th 4:00pm Canberra 34 Canterbury 41 A. Klein, H. Perenara GIO Stadium 12,221 View
Mon May 25th 7:00pm Newcastle 18 Brisbane 31 G. Badger, D. Munro Hunter 12,673 View
Round 12
Fri May 29th 7:45pm Penrith 20 Parramatta 26 M. Cecchin, G. Morris Pepper Stadium 17,821 View
Sat May 30th 5:30pm Canberra 12 Brisbane 24 G. Badger, C. Sutton GIO Stadium 10,090 View
Sat May 30th 3:00pm Gold Coast Titans 16 South Sydney 22 G. Atkins, G. Reynolds CBUS 15,583 View
Sat May 30th 7:30pm North Queensland 18 Manly Warringah 14 A. Klein, H. Perenara 1300SMILES 14,196 View
Sun May 31st 4:00pm St George Illawarra 42 Cronulla 6 A. Devcich, A. Shortall WIN Jubilee 18,011 View
Sun May 31st 4:00pm Warriors 24 Newcastle 20 B. Cummins, D. Munro Mt Smart 13,203 View
Mon Jun 1st 7:00pm Sydney 24 Melbourne 2 J. Maxwell, C. James Allianz 8,265 View
Round 13
Fri Jun 5th 7:35pm Brisbane 44 Manly Warringah 10 M. Cecchin, G. Morris Suncorp 28,691 View
Fri Jun 5th 7:35pm Wests Tigers 20 Gold Coast Titans 27 A. Klein, H. Perenara Leichhardt 7,103 View
Sat Jun 6th 3:00pm Newcastle 22 Canberra 44 G. Atkins, G. Reynolds Hunter 13,504 View
Sat Jun 6th 7:30pm Penrith 0 Melbourne 20 A. Devcich, A. Shortall Pepper Stadium 11,849 View
Sat Jun 6th 3:30pm South Sydney 36 Warriors 4 J. Maxwell, C. Butler nib Stadium 20,727 View
Sun Jun 7th 4:00pm Cronulla 10 Sydney 4 B. Cummins, M. Noyen Remondis Stadium 14,235 View
Mon Jun 8th 4:00pm Canterbury 29 St George Illawarra 16 G. Sutton, C. James ANZ 27,291 View
Mon Jun 8th 7:00pm Parramatta 30 North Queensland 36 G. Badger, C. Sutton Pirtek Stadium 9,812 View
Round 14
Fri Jun 12th 7:45pm Wests Tigers 34 South Sydney 6 M. Cecchin, G. Atkins ANZ 15,118 View
Sat Jun 13th 8:00pm Warriors 21 Sydney 25 G. Badger, G. Reynolds Mt Smart 14,167 View
Sun Jun 14th 4:00pm Gold Coast Titans 28 Canterbury 14 J. Maxwell, C. James CBUS 10,645 View
Mon Jun 15th 7:00pm Melbourne 22 Parramatta 26 A. Klein, M. Noyen AAMI Park 10,128 View
Round 15
Fri Jun 19th 7:45pm Manly Warringah 30 Wests Tigers 20 J. Maxwell, C. James Brookvale 8,093 View
Sat Jun 20th 3:00pm Canberra 20 North Queensland 21 A. Klein, C. Sutton GIO Stadium 10,170 View
Sat Jun 20th 7:30pm Canterbury 24 Penrith 12 G. Atkins, A. Devcich ANZ 12,476 View
Sat Jun 20th 5:30pm Gold Coast Titans 14 Warriors 36 M. Cecchin, G. Reynolds CBUS 14,132 View
Sun Jun 21st 4:00pm Melbourne 12 Brisbane 14 G. Sutton, H. Perenara AAMI Park 14,278 View
Sun Jun 21st 2:00pm Newcastle 28 Cronulla 30 G. Badger, A. Shortall Hunter 14,081 View
Mon Jun 22nd 7:00pm St George Illawarra 14 Sydney 19 B. Cummins, G. Morris Allianz 10,185 View
Round 16
Fri Jun 26th 7:35pm Brisbane 44 Newcastle 22 J. Maxwell, M. Noyen Suncorp 27,246 View
Fri Jun 26th 7:35pm South Sydney 20 Manly Warringah 8 M. Cecchin, H. Perenara ANZ 14,236 View
Sat Jun 27th 5:30pm North Queensland 18 Cronulla 24 G. Atkins, G. Reynolds 1300SMILES 18,826 View
Sat Jun 27th 7:30pm Parramatta 16 St George Illawarra 12 A. Klein, C. Sutton Pirtek Stadium 15,046 View
Sat Jun 27th 5:00pm Warriors 30 Canberra 8 G. Sutton, C. Butler Mt Smart 13,110 View
Sun Jun 28th 2:00pm Sydney 20 Gold Coast Titans 10 G. Morris, A. Devcich Central Coast 12,569 View
Sun Jun 28th 4:00pm Wests Tigers 12 Penrith 35 G. Badger, A. Shortall Leichhardt 14,234 View
Mon Jun 29th 7:00pm Canterbury 20 Melbourne 4 B. Cummins, C. James Belmore 16,764 View
Round 17
Fri Jul 3rd 7:45pm Penrith 20 South Sydney 6 J. Maxwell, G. Morris Pepper Stadium 14,068 View
Sat Jul 4th 7:30pm St George Illawarra 12 North Queensland 18 M. Cecchin, G. Reynolds WIN Stadium 11,813 View
Sun Jul 5th 4:00pm Manly Warringah 28 Cronulla 16 A. Klein, C. James Brookvale 14,881 View
Mon Jul 6th 7:00pm Wests Tigers 16 Parramatta 28 G. Badger, A. Shortall ANZ 15,347 View
Round 18
Fri Jul 10th 7:45pm Canberra 36 Newcastle 22 M. Cecchin, G. Atkins GIO Stadium 6,015 View
Sat Jul 11th 7:30pm Canterbury 8 Brisbane 16 J. Maxwell, G. Morris ANZ 16,253 View
Sat Jul 11th 5:30pm Penrith 4 Sydney 24 A. Klein, D. Munro Pepper Stadium 13,654 View
Sun Jul 12th 4:00pm Cronulla 28 St George Illawarra 8 G. Badger, A. Shortall Remondis Stadium 12,792 View
Sun Jul 12th 4:00pm Warriors 28 Melbourne 14 G. Sutton, C. James Mt Smart 17,278 View
Mon Jul 13th 7:00pm Gold Coast Titans 6 Manly Warringah 38 H. Perenara, G. Reynolds CBUS 9,632 View
Round 19
Fri Jul 17th 7:35pm Melbourne 52 Penrith 10 J. Maxwell, G. Morris AAMI Park 11,956 View
Fri Jul 17th 7:35pm Parramatta 4 Canterbury 28 B. Cummins, C. James ANZ 17,082 View
Sat Jul 18th 3:00pm Canberra 20 Cronulla 21 A. Klein, C. Butler GIO Stadium 9,853 View
Sat Jul 18th 5:30pm Newcastle 30 Gold Coast Titans 2 G. Badger, D. Munro Hunter 10,546 View
Sat Jul 18th 7:30pm St George Illawarra 8 South Sydney 24 A. Devcich, C. Sutton SCG 18,217 View
Sun Jul 19th 4:00pm Brisbane 42 Wests Tigers 16 H. Perenara, G. Reynolds Suncorp 37,260 View
Sun Jul 19th 2:00pm Sydney 24 Warriors 0 M. Cecchin, G. Atkins Allianz 16,301 View
Mon Jul 20th 7:00pm Manly Warringah 12 North Queensland 30 G. Sutton, A. Shortall Brookvale 7,643 View
Round 20
Fri Jul 24th 7:35pm Brisbane 34 Gold Coast Titans 0 A. Devcich, C. Sutton Suncorp 27,664 View
Fri Jul 24th 7:35pm Wests Tigers 8 Sydney 33 J. Maxwell, G. Morris ANZ 10,186 View
Sat Jul 25th 7:30pm Melbourne 22 St George Illawarra 4 M. Cecchin, C. Butler McClean Park 14,532 View
Sat Jul 25th 7:30pm South Sydney 52 Newcastle 6 H. Perenara, A. Shortall ANZ 14,603 View
Sat Jul 25th 3:00pm Warriors 12 Manly Warringah 32 G. Atkins, G. Reynolds Mt Smart 15,812 View
Sun Jul 26th 4:00pm Canterbury 16 Cronulla 18 G. Sutton, D. Munro Belmore 19,005 View
Sun Jul 26th 2:00pm Penrith 24 Canberra 34 B. Cummins, C. James Pepper Stadium 8,048 View
Mon Jul 27th 7:00pm North Queensland 46 Parramatta 4 G. Badger, A. Klein 1300SMILES 13,767 View
Round 21
Fri Jul 31st 7:45pm Sydney 38 Canterbury 28 M. Cecchin, A. Klein Allianz 13,589 View
Fri Jul 31st 7:45pm Wests Tigers 34 Melbourne 16 A. Devcich, C. Sutton Leichhardt 7,419 View
Sat Aug 1st 7:30pm Manly Warringah 44 Brisbane 14 G. Badger, C. James Central Coast 16,280 View
Sat Aug 1st 5:30pm North Queensland 32 Canberra 24 G. Sutton, D. Munro 1300SMILES 16,207 View
Sat Aug 1st 5:00pm Warriors 14 Cronulla 18 B. Cummins, G. Morris Mt Smart 12,481 View
Sun Aug 2nd 2:00pm St George Illawarra 46 Newcastle 24 G. Atkins, G. Reynolds WIN Jubilee 10,236 View
Sun Aug 2nd 4:00pm South Sydney 20 Penrith 16 J. Maxwell, M. Cecchin ANZ 13,391 View
Mon Aug 3rd 7:00pm Gold Coast Titans 24 Parramatta 14 H. Perenara, A. Shortall CBUS 7,496 View
Round 22
Fri Aug 7th 7:45pm Brisbane 16 Canterbury 18 B. Cummins, G. Morris Suncorp 34,082 View
Fri Aug 7th 7:45pm Manly Warringah 28 South Sydney 8 G. Sutton, G. Reynolds Brookvale 15,083 View
Sat Aug 8th 5:30pm Cronulla 30 North Queensland 18 M. Cecchin, D. Munro Remondis Stadium 13,878 View
Sat Aug 8th 7:00pm Parramatta 10 Penrith 4 A. Devcich, M. Noyen TIO Stadium 8,340 View
Sat Aug 8th 5:00pm Warriors 0 St George Illawarra 36 G. Badger, A. Shortall Westpac 18,317 View
Sun Aug 9th 2:00pm Melbourne 36 Gold Coast Titans 14 G. Atkins, C. Sutton AAMI Park 10,521 View
Sun Aug 9th 4:00pm Newcastle 22 Sydney 38 A. Klein, C. James Hunter 17,718 View
Mon Aug 10th 7:00pm Canberra 18 Wests Tigers 20 J. Maxwell, H. Perenara GIO Stadium 8,704 View
Round 23
Thu Aug 13th 7:45pm North Queensland 18 South Sydney 31 B. Cummins, G. Badger 1300SMILES 16,685 View
Fri Aug 14th 7:45pm Brisbane 32 St George Illawarra 6 J. Maxwell, G. Morris Suncorp 33,480 View
Sat Aug 15th 5:30pm Penrith 24 Warriors 10 A. Klein, C. James Pepper Stadium 6,774 View
Sat Aug 15th 7:30pm Sydney 28 Parramatta 18 G. Atkins, H. Perenara Allianz 11,255 View
Sat Aug 15th 3:00pm Wests Tigers 18 Newcastle 24 G. Reynolds, C. Sutton Campbelltown 10,963 View
Sun Aug 16th 2:00pm Canberra 24 Manly Warringah 26 M. Cecchin, D. Munro GIO Stadium 13,113 View
Sun Aug 16th 4:00pm Canterbury 36 Gold Coast Titans 14 A. Devcich, A. Shortall Central Coast 11,021 View
Mon Aug 17th 7:00pm Cronulla 2 Melbourne 30 G. Sutton, G. Badger Remondis Stadium 10,269 View
Round 24
Thu Aug 20th 7:45pm St George Illawarra 19 Penrith 12 A. Klein, A. Shortall WIN Stadium 9,145 View
Fri Aug 21st 7:45pm South Sydney 18 Canterbury 32 J. Maxwell, G. Morris ANZ 26,503 View
Sat Aug 22nd 3:00pm Cronulla 40 Wests Tigers 18 G. Atkins, M. Noyen Remondis Stadium 15,738 View
Sat Aug 22nd 7:45pm Sydney 12 Brisbane 10 G. Sutton, G. Badger Allianz 19,137 View
Sat Aug 22nd 7:30pm Warriors 16 North Queensland 50 M. Cecchin, A. Devcich Mt Smart 14,412 View
Sun Aug 23rd 2:00pm Gold Coast Titans 28 Canberra 12 G. Reynolds, C. Sutton CBUS 8,762 View
Sun Aug 23rd 4:00pm Manly Warringah 16 Parramatta 20 B. Cummins, A. Shortall Brookvale 11,018 View
Mon Aug 24th 7:00pm Melbourne 6 Newcastle 20 H. Perenara, C. James AAMI Park 8,743 View
Round 25
Thu Aug 27th 7:45pm South Sydney 12 Brisbane 47 M. Cecchin, G. Morris Allianz 12,036 View
Fri Aug 28th 7:45pm Manly Warringah 10 Sydney 46 J. Maxwell, G. Atkins Brookvale 12,911 View
Sat Aug 29th 7:30pm Melbourne 14 North Queensland 6 B. Cummins, A. Shortall AAMI Park 15,214 View
Sat Aug 29th 5:30pm Newcastle 18 Canterbury 20 A. Devcich, C. James Hunter 23,604 View
Sat Aug 29th 3:00pm Parramatta 28 Cronulla 35 G. Sutton, G. Badger Pirtek Stadium 11,778 View
Sun Aug 30th 4:00pm Gold Coast Titans 28 St George Illawarra 26 A. Klein, G. Morris CBUS 12,335 View
Sun Aug 30th 2:00pm Wests Tigers 50 Warriors 16 G. Reynolds, C. Sutton Campbelltown 6,711 View
Mon Aug 31st 7:00pm Canberra 34 Penrith 18 H. Perenara, M. Noyen GIO Stadium 6,717 View
Round 26
Thu Sep 3rd 7:45pm Brisbane 8 Melbourne 15 J. Maxwell, G. Atkins Suncorp 44,015 View
Fri Sep 4th 7:45pm Sydney 30 South Sydney 0 G. Sutton, G. Badger Allianz 25,019 View
Sat Sep 5th 7:30pm North Queensland 42 Gold Coast Titans 12 H. Perenara, C. Sutton 1300SMILES 16,977 View
Sat Sep 5th 3:00pm Penrith 30 Newcastle 12 G. Reynolds, A. Gee Pepper Stadium 8,936 View
Sat Sep 5th 5:30pm St George Illawarra 32 Wests Tigers 30 M. Cecchin, G. Morris ANZ 17,685 View
Sun Sep 6th 6:30pm Canterbury 26 Warriors 22 A. Klein, G. Atkins ANZ 14,821 View
Sun Sep 6th 4:00pm Cronulla 12 Manly Warringah 14 B. Cummins, M. Noyen Remondis Stadium 19,146 View
Sun Sep 6th 2:00pm Parramatta 24 Canberra 28 G. Badger, C. James Pirtek Stadium 10,515 View
Qualif Final
Fri Sep 11th 7:55pm Sydney 18 Melbourne 20 B. Cummins, A. Shortall Allianz 20,521 View
Sat Sep 12th 7:55pm Brisbane 16 North Queensland 12 G. Sutton, G. Badger Suncorp 50,388 View
Sat Sep 12th 5:50pm Canterbury 11 St George Illawarra 10 J. Maxwell, G. Morris ANZ 33,854 View
Sun Sep 13th 4:10pm Cronulla 28 South Sydney 12 M. Cecchin, A. Klein Allianz 27,031 View
Semi Final
Fri Sep 18th 7:55pm Sydney 38 Canterbury 12 M. Cecchin, B. Cummins Allianz 35,711 View
Sat Sep 19th 7:40pm North Queensland 39 Cronulla 0 G. Sutton, G. Badger 1300SMILES 21,683 View
Prelim Final
Fri Sep 25th 7:55pm Brisbane 31 Sydney 12 G. Sutton, G. Badger Suncorp 51,826 View
Sat Sep 26th 7:40pm Melbourne 12 North Queensland 32 M. Cecchin, B. Cummins AAMI Park 29,315 View
Grand Final
Sun Oct 4th 7:15pm Brisbane 16 North Queensland 17 G. Sutton, B. Cummins ANZ 82,758 View

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