Fred Erickson

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Referee Career

Referee Career Statistics

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Competition Games  
Country Carnival 2 List
NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) 111 List
Preseason Cup 11 List
City vs Country Firsts 2 List
Tour Matches 1 List
Interstate Matches 2 List


Australia (1955-1964) 8 List

Club Career

NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) - By Year

Season Games  
NSWRFL 1955 8 List
NSWRFL 1956 5 List
NSWRFL 1957 1 List
NSWRFL 1958 14 List
NSWRFL 1959 6 List
NSWRFL 1960 18 List
NSWRFL 1961 13 List
NSWRFL 1962 13 List
NSWRFL 1963 17 List
NSWRFL 1964 16 List
NSWRFL Premiership (NRL) (1955-1964) 111 List

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