Terry Mullins

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Brett Mullins
Bill Mullins
Russell Mullins

Career Statistics

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Club Career

Australian League Matches - By Year

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Western Suburbs NSWRFL 1972 ? - -   - -  
Western Suburbs NSWRFL 1973 ? 1 -   - 3  
Overall 1972-1973 ? 1 0   0 3 ? ? ? ?  

Australian League Matches - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
Western Suburbs 1972-73 ? 1 -   - 3 ? ? ? ?  
Overall 1972-1973 ? 1 0   0 3 ? ? ? ?  

Your Say

Kel says: Terry was a top person, could be very outgoing and amusing. We were best mates.I found him when he was not in a good state and because of what alcohol did to him I wont ever touch another drink.He was an inspiration and deserves acknowledgement.He had a heart of gold and woke me up to a lot of crap that surrounded us. My life has and is taking a big change thanks to him and staying sober. He was not ready at the time to put down the drink but he was highly intelligent and a good player of life. Always thought about and loved. His best friend. (19/12/2014)

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