Roger Bailey

Career Stats & Summary

Vital Statistics

Full Name
Roger Wayne Bailey
Thursday, 1st January, 1942
Current Age
79 years and 335 days
Place Of Birth
Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

Known Family Links

Gary Bailey
David Bailey
Bob Bailey

Career Statistics

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Test Matches - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
New Zealand 1961-67, 1970 29 12 -   - 36 8 18 3 27.59% List
Overall 1961-1970 29 12 0   0 36 8 18 3 27.59% List

Your Say

Imogene Cocoa says: Star centre for the Kiwis in the 1960s, viewed by New Zealanders in a parallel light to how Australian fans saw Reg Gasnier, who he frequently opposed in test matches. 1995 Legend of League choice, one of Bailey's game traits was to pretend to 'offer' the ball to opposing players as they moved in to tackle him, only to retract it and quickly step away from them in the hope that they were momentarily caught off guard by this unorthodox ploy. (28/05/2012)

Anonymous says: The prince of centres a great player. (08/09/2016)

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