New Zealand vs France 1964

New Zealand
New Zealand


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Game 1
1964 Jul 25th New Zealand 24 - France 16 J. Percival Carlaw 10,148 View
T: R. Bailey
H. Emery
J. Fagan
P. White
G: J. Fagan (6)
T: C. Mantoulan (2)
M. Boule
H. Chamorin
G: C. Mantoulan (2)
Game 2
1964 Aug 1st New Zealand 18 - France 8 E. Pilcher Addington 4,935 View
T: R. Bailey
G. Blackler
G: J. Fagan (6)
G: M. Boule (2)
P. Plo
FG: R. Garnung
Game 3
1964 Aug 15th New Zealand 10 - France 2 J. Percival Carlaw 7,279 View
T: R. Hammond
E. Wiggs
G: J. Fagan
E. Wiggs
G: R. Garnung

3 games
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