Billo Rees

Career Stats & Summary

Career Statistics

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Test Matches - By Team

Team Years App T G   GK % FG Pts W L D Win %  
England 1926-30 11 2 -   - 6 8 3 0 72.73% List
Wales 1926-28, 1930 6 - -   - - 1 5 0 16.67% List
Other 1929-30 2 - -   - - 0 2 0 0.00% List
Overall 1926-1930 19 2 0   0 6 9 10 0 47.37% List

Your Say

Natalie Sturrock says: My mum is the daughter to this man and has many old pictures of him in his rugby uniform. I have also grown up in Swinton having been told what a legend he was. Now I am older I would like to know more about my grandfather, Billo the man. Does anybody have information about him? (24/01/2010)

John Jenkins says: I take it you are aware that Billo's brother, Joseph (1893-1950), played rugby union for Amman Utd, Swansea, and Wales (12 caps, from 1920-24). (12/03/2011)

Mike mclellan says: My father said he was one of the best play-makers and footballers he ever saw. Dad watched the Lions when they were playing at Chorley Rd, and followed them avidly until he died in1985. (07/10/2013)

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