England vs New Zealand 1926/27

Great Britain


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Game 1
1926 Oct 2nd England 28 - New Zealand 20 R. Robinson Central Park 14,500 View
T: B. Taylor (2)
C. Carr
J. Evans
F. Gallagher
S. Rix
G: J. Sullivan (5)
T: H. Avery
H. Brisbane
B. Davidson
L. Mason
G: T. Mouat (4)
Game 2
1926 Nov 13th England 21 - New Zealand 11 R. Jones Boulevard 7,000 View
T: A. Thomas (2)
L. Fairclough
A. Fildes
J. Wallace
G: J. Sullivan (3)
T: H. Avery
L. Brown
L. Petersen
G: C. Gregory
Game 3
1927 Jan 15th England 32 - New Zealand 17 F. Fairhurst Headingley 6,000 View
T: C. Carr (3)
J. Bacon (2)
H. Bowman
J. Evans
B. Rees
G: J. Sullivan (4)
T: H. Avery
F. Delgrosso
E. Herring
G: C. Dufty (4)

3 games
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