England vs New Zealand 1926/27

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View  England 28 (B. Taylor 2, C. Carr, J. Evans, F. Gallagher, S. Rix tries; J. Sullivan 5 goals) defeated New Zealand 20 (H. Avery, H. Brisbane, B. Davidson, L. Mason tries; T. Mouat 4 goals) at Central Park.
Date: Sat, 2nd October.   Halftime: England 20-5.   Referee: R Robinson.   Crowd: 14,500.
View  England 21 (A. Thomas 2, L. Fairclough, A. Fildes, J. Wallace tries; J. Sullivan 3 goals) defeated New Zealand 11 (H. Avery, L. Brown, L. Petersen tries; C. Gregory goal) at The Boulevard.
Date: Sat, 13th November.   Halftime: England 13-3.   Referee: R Jones.   Crowd: 7,000.
View  England 32 (C. Carr 3, J. Bacon 2, H. Bowman, J. Evans, B. Rees tries; J. Sullivan 4 goals) defeated New Zealand 17 (H. Avery, F. Delgrosso, E. Herring tries; C. Dufty 4 goals) at Headingley.
Date: Sat, 15th January.   Kickoff: 2:55 PM.   Halftime: England 15-2.   Referee: F Fairhurst.   Crowd: 6,000.