New Zealand vs Great Britain 1970

Great Britain
New Zealand


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Game 1
1970 Jul 11th New Zealand 15 - Great Britain 19 J. Percival Carlaw 15,948 View
T: P. Orchard
G: G. Ladner (6)
T: C. Laughton (2)
J. Atkinson
S. Hynes
R. Millward
G: S. Hynes (2)
Game 2
1970 Jul 19th New Zealand 9 - Great Britain 23 J. Percival Addington 8,600 View
T: F. Christian
G: G. Ladner (3)
T: R. Millward (2)
C. Laughton
F. Myler
M. Reilly
G: R. Dutton (4)
Game 3
1970 Jul 25th New Zealand 16 - Great Britain 33 J. Percival Carlaw 13,137 View
T: R. Bailey
R. Orchard
G: G. Ladner (5)
T: P. Lowe (2)
K. Hepworth
C. Hesketh
S. Hynes
A. Smith
C. Watson
G: R. Dutton (5)
R. Millward

3 games
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