New Zealand vs Australia 1949

New Zealand


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Game 1
1949 Sep 17th New Zealand 26 - Australia 21 R. Avery Basin Reserve 7,737 View
T: A. Graham (2)
C. McBride (2)
T. Baxter
W. Clarke
G: W. Clarke (4)
T: J. Graves (2)
M. McCoy
P. McMahon
W. O'Connell
G: I. Johnston (3)
Game 2
1949 Oct 8th New Zealand 10 - Australia 13 R. Avery Carlaw 12,361 View
T: T. Baxter
A. McKenzie
G: W. Clarke (2)
T: K. Froome
M. McCoy
N. Mulligan
G: K. Froome
M. McCoy

2 games
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