Interstate Series 1928

Queensland Firsts


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Game 1
1928 May 12th NSW Firsts 9 - QLD Firsts 25 W. Neill SCG 48,423 View
T: E. Freestone
G: D. Hughes (2)
E. Freestone
T: J. Craig (2)
D. Dempsey
T. Gorman
R. King
G: C. Aynsley (3)
J. Craig (2)
Game 2
1928 May 19th NSW Firsts 16 - QLD Firsts 7 W. Neill SCG 37,000 View
T: J. Busch
E. Freestone
G: B. Wearing (5)
T: L. Sellars
G: C. Aynsley
J. Craig
Game 3
1928 Jul 28th QLD Firsts 28 - NSW Firsts 17 C. Broadfoot Brisbane Exhibit 11,000 View
T: L. Armbruster
M. Biggs
D. Dempsey
W. Paten
L. Sellars
H. Steinohrt
G: J. Craig (5)
T: G. Treweek (2)
S. Brain
G: H. Kadwell (4)
Game 4
1928 Aug 4th QLD Firsts 21 - NSW Firsts 10 R. Leighton The 'Gabba 6,000 View
T: A. Cruden (2)
L. Sellars (2)
L. Armbruster
G: W. Paten (2)
A. Edwards
T: S. Brain
G. Treweek
G: N. Hardy
H. Kadwell

4 games
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