Ashes Series 1982



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Game 1
1982 Oct 30th Great Britain 4 - Australia 40 J. Rascagneres Boothferry Park 26,771 View
G: L. Crooks (2/2)
T: K. Boustead
L. Boyd
E. Grothe
B. Kenny
M. Meninga
W. Pearce
R. Price
R. Reddy
G: M. Meninga (8/10)
Game 2
1982 Nov 20th Great Britain 6 - Australia 27 J. Rascagneres Central Park 23,126 View
G: K. Mumby (3/3)
T: E. Grothe
M. Meninga
R. Price
S. Rogers
P. Sterling
G: M. Meninga (6/8)
Game 3
1982 Nov 28th Great Britain 8 - Australia 32 J. Rascagneres Headingley 17,318 View
T: S. Evans
G: L. Crooks (2/3)
FG: L. Crooks
T: K. Boustead
B. Kenny
M. Krilich
W. Pearce
J. Ribot de Bresac
S. Rogers
G: M. Meninga (7)

3 games
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