Ashes Series 1946

Great Britain


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Game 1
1946 Jun 17th Australia 8 - England 8 T. McMahon Jnr SCG 64,527 View
T: R. Bailey
L. Cooper
G: J. Jorgenson
T: W. Horne
F. Whitcombe
G: G. Risman
Game 2
1946 Jul 6th Australia 5 - England 14 S. Chambers Brisbane Exhibit 40,500 View
T: L. Cooper
G: J. Jorgenson
T: A. Bassett (3)
A. Johnson
G: E. Ward
Game 3
1946 Jul 20th Australia 7 - England 20 T. McMahon Jnr SCG 35,294 View
T: C. Kennedy
G: J. Jorgenson (2)
Off: A. Clues (2)
T: A. Bassett (2)
G. Curran
I. Owens
G: G. Risman (3)
T. Ward

3 games
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