Ashes Series 1908/09

Great Britain


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Game 1
1908 Dec 12th England 22 - Australia 22 J. Smith Park Oval 2,000 View
T: B. Batten (2)
E. Brooks
A. Robinson
J. Thomas
G. Tyson
G: E. Brooks (2)
T: J. Devereux (3)
A. Butler
G: D. Messenger (5)
Game 2
1909 Jan 23rd England 15 - Australia 5 W. McCutcheon St James 22,000 View
T: J. Lomas
J. Thomas
G. Tyson
G: J. Lomas (2)
FG: J. Lomas
T: D. Messenger
G: D. Messenger
Game 3
1909 Feb 15th England 6 - Australia 5 E. Smirk Villa Park 9,000 View
T: J. Thomas
G. Tyson
T: D. Frawley
G: J. Devereux

3 games
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