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Round 2

Canberra Raiders 4 lost to Western Suburbs Magpies 33

Match URL
Saturday, March 6th, 1982
Martin Weekes
Seiffert Oval (Queanbeyan)
  Canberra Raiders Western Suburbs Magpies
  4 33

Match Stats

Halftime Score 4 10
Scrums 14 9
Penalties 9 13

Match Scoresheet

Sin Bin (10min)       Terry Lamb
Tries       Terry Lamb (2)
        Tom Arber
        Ross Conlon
        Bruce Grimaldi
        Jim Leis
        Alan Neil
Goals   Peter McGrath (2/3)   Ross Conlon (6)


Fullback 1. Sam Vucago 1. Greg Cox
Wing 2. Chris O'Grady 2. Peter Barr
Centre 3. Frank Roddy 3. Wayne Smith
Centre 4. Peter McGrath 4. Ross Conlon
Wing 5. Steve O'Callaghan 5. Warren Boland (c)
Five-Eighth 6. Lloyd Martin 6. Terry Lamb
Halfback 7. Gerry De la Cruz 7. Alan Neil
Lock 8. Carl Frommel 8. Jim Leis
Second Row 9. John McLeod 9. George Moroko
Second Row 10. Jon Hardy 10. Paul Merlo
Front Row 11. David Grant (c) 11. John Donnelly
Hooker 12. James Hoffman 12. Arthur Mountier
Front Row 13. Jeff Simons 13. Tom Arber
Bench 14. Paul West 14. Bruce Grimaldi
Bench 15. Scott Dudman 15. Trevor Cogger
Bench 16. Richard Cooke    
Coach   Don Furner   Terry Fearnley

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

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