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Date Competition Round   Team   Score Opposition Coach(es) Captain(s) Venue Crowd Number Pos Scoring  
Oct 27th World Cup Qualifiers 2006/07 Game 5 A Lebanon W 48-0 Russia D Maroon   Nara 1,426 #9 Hooker   View
Nov 2nd World Cup Qualifiers 2006/07 Game 6 A N Lebanon D 16-16 Ireland D Maroon H Saleh Tetley's 803 #9 Hooker   View
Nov 9th World Cup Qualifiers 2006/07 Semi Final A Lebanon W 50-26 Wales D Maroon C Salem Halton 753 #9 Hooker   View
Nov 14th World Cup Qualifiers 2006/07 Final H N Lebanon L 16-38 Samoa D Maroon C Salem Chris Moyles 1,323 #9 Hooker G: 0/1 View
Oct 24th European Cup 2009 Game 2 H Lebanon W 86-0 Italy J Elias G Ndaira Int'l Stadium 500 #9 Hooker T: 1, G: 1/1 View
Nov 1st European Cup 2009 Game 3 A Lebanon L 10-22 Scotland J Elias G Ndaira Hughenden 752 #9 Hooker   View
Nov 8th European Cup 2009 Playoff A Lebanon W 40-16 Ireland J Elias   Llynfi Road 200 #9 Hooker T: 1, G: 0/2 View
Oct 16th World Cup Qualifiers 2011 Game 2 H Lebanon W 96-4 Serbia D Bayssari K Deeb Int'l Stadium   #9 Hooker T: 3 View
Oct 22nd World Cup Qualifiers 2011 Game 3 A Lebanon W 32-0 Russia D Bayssari   Vereya Stadium   #9 Hooker   View
Oct 29th World Cup Qualifiers 2011 Game 5 A N Lebanon D 19-19 Italy D Bayssari   Maki┼í Stadium   #9 Hooker   View
Oct 19th H N Lebanon W 34-4 Fiji D Bayssari   Rowley Park   #7 Halfback   View
Oct 19th Hayne-Mannah Cup 2014 Round 1 A N Lebanon L 28-40 Fiji D Maroon C Saab Remondis Stadium   #9 Hooker   View
May 3rd Battle Of The Phoenicians 2015 Round 1 H N Lebanon W 34-16 Malta D Maroon C Saab St Marys 1,000 #9 Hooker   View
May 8th A Lebanon L 20-30 Cook Islands T Houchar J Clark Belmore   #9 Hooker   View
May 6th H Lebanon W 24-4 Malta T Houchar R Moujalli New Era Stadium 1,200 #9 Hooker   View
Oct 15th H N Lebanon W 32-16 Niue T Houchar R Farah Leichhardt   #15 Bench   View
Nov 4th World Cup 2017 Game 11 A N Lebanon L 10-29 England B Fittler R Farah Allianz 10,237 #16 Hooker   View
Nov 11th World Cup 2017 Game 18 A Lebanon L 0-34 Australia B Fittler R Farah Allianz 21,127 #16 Lock   View
Nov 18th World Cup 2017 Quarter Final A N Lebanon L 22-24 Tonga B Fittler R Farah RL Park 8,309 #13 Bench   View

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