Ivan Šušnjara

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Date Competition Round   Team   Score Opposition Coach(es) Captain(s) Venue Crowd Number Pos Scoring  
Jul 24th European Nations Qualifiers 2005 Game 3 A Serbia L 12-44 Georgia   R Novaković Dinamo Stadium 8,000 #6 Five-eighth   View
Jun 4th World Cup European Qualifiers 2006 Game 1 H Serbia L 6-44 Russia   R Novaković FK Radnicki   #14 Bench   View
Oct 18th European Cup 2009 Game 1 A Serbia L 0-82 Ireland     Spollanstown 295 #1 Fullback   View
Oct 24th European Cup 2009 Game 2 H Serbia L 8-88 Wales     Fortress 437 #1 Fullback   View
Nov 8th European Cup 2009 Playoff A Serbia L 14-42 Italy     Llynfi Road 200 #1 Fullback   View
Apr 22nd A Serbia W 90-6 Germany   D Vukanović Kirchstrasse 80   #1 Fullback   View
Sep 30th Milan Kosanovic Cup 2011 Round 2 H Serbia W 10-4 Ukraine M Janković   Ada Ciganlija   #1 Fullback   View
Oct 16th World Cup Qualifiers 2011 Game 2 A Serbia L 4-96 Lebanon M Janković D Vukanović Int'l Stadium   #1 Fullback   View
Oct 23rd World Cup Qualifiers 2011 Game 4 H Serbia L 6-52 Italy M Janković S Radovanović Makiš Stadium   #1 Fullback   View
Oct 29th World Cup Qualifiers 2011 Game 6 H Serbia L 28-36 Russia M Janković D Vukanović Makiš Stadium   #1 Fullback T: 1 View
May 12th European Shield 2012/13 Round 1 A Serbia L 24-25 Germany     FG Sportpark   #6 Five-eighth   View
Jun 9th European Shield 2012/13 Round 3 H Serbia W 24-18 Italy     Makiš Stadium   #6 Five-eighth   View
Sep 22nd European Shield 2012/13 Round 6 A Serbia L 20-21 Russia M Janković   Nara   #6 Five-eighth   View

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