New Zealand vs England 1924 Series

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Game 1

New Zealand 16 def. England 8

Match URL
Saturday, August 2nd, 1924
Bill Murray
Carlaw Park (Auckland)
  New Zealand England
  16 8

Match Stats

Halftime Score 6 0

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Terence Gilroy   Billy Bentham
    Ernest Herring   Joe Thompson
    William Stuart    
    Maurice Wetherill    
Goals   Frank Delgrosso (2)   Joe Thompson (1)


Fullback 1. Craddock Dufty 1. Ernest Knapman
Wing 2. Hector Brisbane 2. Billy Bentham
Centre 3. William Stuart 3. Sid Rix
Centre 4. Terence Gilroy 4. Tommy Howley
Wing 5. Charles Fitzgerald 5. Frank Evans
Five-Eighth 6. Maurice Wetherill 6. Walter Mooney
Halfback 7. Thomas McClymont (c) 7. Frank Gallagher (c)
Front Row 8. Andrew O'Brien 8. Billy Cunliffe
Hooker 9. Sam Lowrie 9. Jack Bennett
Front Row 10. Ernest Herring 10. William Burgess
Second Row 11. William Te Whata 11. Jack Price
Second Row 12. Thomas Mouat 12. Joe Darwell
Lock 13. Bert Avery 13. Joe Thompson
Bench 14. Frank Delgrosso    

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