Lions Tour 1928 Series

Game 24

New Zealand XIII 27 def. England 26

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 1928
E Watson
Caledonia Ground (Invercargill)
  New Zealand XIII England
  27 26

Match Stats

Halftime Score 11 13

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Hector Brisbane   Alf Ellaby (2)
    Albertus Eckhoff   Alf Frodsham
    George Goodall   Joe Oliver
    ? Lemins   Bob Sloman
    Andrew O'Brien   Billy Williams
    Leonard Scott    
    Maurice Wetherill    
Goals   Craddock Dufty (2)   Walter Gowers (4)
Field Goals   Craddock Dufty    


Fullback 1. Craddock Dufty (c) 1. Walter Gowers
Wing 2. Leonard Scott 2. Alf Frodsham
Centre 3. Hector Brisbane 3. Mel Rosser
Centre 4. Frank Delgrosso 4. Alf Ellaby
Wing 5. ? Lemins 5. Emlyn Gwynne
Five-Eighth 6. Maurice Wetherill 6. Joe Oliver
Halfback 7. William Peckham 7. Jonty Parkin (c)
Front Row 8. W Le Warne 8. Billy Williams
Hooker 9. H Blazey 9. Oliver Dolan
Front Row 10. Andrew O'Brien 10. Harold Bowman
Second Row 11. Albertus Eckhoff 11. Bob Sloman
Second Row 12. George Goodall 12. Ben Halfpenny
Lock 13. Lou Hutt 13. Harold Young

Match Notes

This was an exhibition game and not recognised as either a Test or an official International.

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Contributions: Bill Bates, Greg Fiveash