Dark Mode Setting

Please note: Enabling Rugby League Project's dark mode will create a cookie on your browser that tells the site that you wish to have Dark Mode enabled.

Should you wish to disable it again, you may return to this page by clicking on the Dark Mode link at the bottom of the site. If you have had Dark Mode enabled and then opt to turn it off, the cookie that was saved in your browser will be deleted.

When the setting is enabled, each page you view will check to see if the Dark Mode cookie is set in your browser, and if it is, append some additional visual style rules to the page in order to reduce the strain on your eyes in a low light environment.

The cookie will have its expiry date set to 1 year in the future after you click the Save Setting button below (if enabled is set to yes). After one year, you will need to return to this page to re-enable it.

In future, this functionality may be expanded to include additional themes for improved accessibility.

Dark Mode Enabled?