Super League Tri-Series 1997

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View  New South Wales (SL) 38 (A. Ettingshausen 3, K. Nagas 2, G. Alexander, D. Peachey tries; R. Girdler 5 goals) defeated Queensland (SL) 10 (P. Ryan, W. Sailor tries; M. Rogers goal) at Sydney Football Stadium.
Date: Fri, 11th April.   Halftime: New South Wales (SL) 22-4.   Scrums: New South Wales (SL) 12-5.   Penalties: 2-all.   Referee: Bill Harrigan.   Crowd: 26,731.
View  Queensland (SL) 26 (T. Carroll, A. Langer, M. Rogers, K. Walters, S. Webcke tries; M. Rogers 3 goals) defeated New Zealand 12 (S. Jones, J. Timu tries; G. Ngamu 2 goals) at Ericsson Stadium.
Date: Fri, 9th May.   Halftime: 6-all.   Scrums: New Zealand 8-5.   Penalties: 4-all.   Referee: Graham Annesley.   Crowd: 18,000.
View  New South Wales (SL) 20 (S. Gillies 2, K. Nagas 2 tries; R. Girdler 2 goals) defeated New Zealand 15 (R. Wiki 2 tries; S. Jones 3 goals; G. Ngamu field goal) at Bruce Stadium.
Date: Wed, 14th May.   Halftime: 10-all.   Scrums: New South Wales (SL) 11-6.   Penalties: 10-all.   Referee: Steve Clark.   Crowd: 13,836.
View  New South Wales (SL) 23 (B. Mullins 3, M. Ryan tries; D. Furner 3 goals; N. Goldthorpe field goal) defeated Queensland (SL) 22 (S. Renouf 2, T. Carroll, M. Hancock tries; M. Rogers 2, D. Lockyer goals) at ANZ Stadium.
Date: Mon, 19th May.   Halftime: Queensland (SL) 10-6.   Penalties: 5-all.   Referee: Bill Harrigan.   Crowd: 35,570.