European Championship 2014


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View  Scotland 42 (B. Phillips 2, J. Walker 2, D. Brough, C. Kilday, D. Scott, O. Thomas tries; D. Brough 5 goals) defeated Wales 18 (C. Farrer, P. Lupton, C. Roets, R. Williams tries; L. Reece goal) at Derwent Park.
Date: Fri, 17th October.   Kickoff: 8:00 PM.   Halftime: Wales 16-8.   Referee: James Child.   Crowd: 2,036.
View  Ireland 22 (S. McDonnell 2, H. Peacock 2, J. Murphy tries; C. Dunne goal) defeated France 12 (K. Larroyer, É. Pélissier tries; R. Marginet 2 goals) at Tallaght Stadium.
Date: Sat, 18th October.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Ireland 6-0.   Referee: Tim Roby.   Crowd: 1,428.
View  France 42 (R. Marginet 2, M. Pala 2, J. Baile, T. Fages, C. Soubeyras tries; R. Marginet 7 goals) defeated Wales 22 (D. Fleming, M. Fozard, C. Roets, R. Williams tries; L. Reece 3 goals) at Albi Stadium.
Date: Sat, 25th October.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: France 24-6.   Referee: Tim Roby.   Crowd: 5,225.