NSWRL Hall Of Fame

The NSWRL Hall of Fame was established in 2017, recognising players who have achieved outstanding feats both on and off the field.

The qualification for the Hall of Fame is:

(a) The player must have played 10 games or more for New South Wales; or, alternatively, the player must have captained New South Wales; AND
(b) The player must also have played for Australia; AND
(c) The player must also have been retired for at least five seasons.

2017 Laurie Daley
2017 Bob Fulton
2017 Ron Coote
2017 Graeme Langlands
2017 John Raper
2017 Reg Gasnier
2017 Norm Provan
2017 Bob McCarthy
2017 Clive Churchill
2017 Brad Fittler
2017 Bradley Clyde
2017 Arthur Beetson
2017 Andrew Johns
2018 Ken Irvine
2018 Keith Holman
2018 Steve Rogers
2019 Steve Mortimer
2019 Tom Raudonikis
2021 Brett Kenny
2021 Glenn Lazarus
2021 Billy Smith
2022 Harry Wells
2022 Ken Kearney
2022 Ricky Stuart