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Date Competition Round   Team   Score Opposition Coach(es) Captain(s) Venue Crowd Number Pos Scoring  
May 8th NSW Cup 2021 Round 9 A Newtown (R) L 18-46 Penrith (R) G Matterson   BlueBet   #5 Wing   View
May 15th NSW Cup 2021 Round 2 A N Newtown (R) L 8-22 Newcastle (R) G Matterson   Maitland   #4 Centre   View
Sep 17th NSW Cup 2022 Prelim Final H N Newtown (R) L 26-28 Canterbury (R) G Matterson J Berrell Leichhardt   #22 Wing T: 1 View
Feb 10th NRL Pre-Season Challenge 2023 Game 1 A Cronulla W 28-16 Newcastle C Fitzgibbon W Graham Industree 9,807 #2 Wing T: 1 View
Mar 26th NSW Cup 2023 Round 4 A Newtown (R) W 30-16 St Geo Illa (R) G Ndaira B Magoulias Netstrata   #26 Wing T: 1 View
Apr 1st NSW Cup 2023 Round 5 H Newtown (R) L 6-16 Canterbury (R) G Ndaira B Magoulias Henson   #18 Wing   View
May 14th NSW Cup 2023 Round 11 A Newtown (R) D 22-22 Blacktown (Workers) G Ndaira B Magoulias 4 Pines   #18 Wing   View
May 20th NSW Cup 2023 Round 12 H Newtown (R) W 40-12 Newcastle (R) G Ndaira B Magoulias Henson   #5 Wing T: 1 View
Jun 11th NSW Cup 2023 Round 15 A Newtown (R) W 36-20 Norths (R) G Ndaira B Magoulias North Sydney   #5 Wing   View
Jul 16th NSW Cup 2023 Round 20 A Newtown (R) W 26-18 Warriors (R) G Ndaira B Trindall Go Media   #5 Wing T: 1 View
Jul 22nd NSW Cup 2023 Round 21 H Newtown (R) L 12-28 Blacktown (Workers) G Ndaira J Berrell Henson   #5 Wing T: 1 View
Aug 5th NSW Cup 2023 Round 23 A Newtown (R) L 16-32 Souths (R) G Ndaira J Berrell Redfern   #5 Wing   View
Aug 12th NSW Cup 2023 Round 24 H Newtown (R) L 12-36 Canberra (R) G Ndaira J Berrell Henson   #5 Wing   View
Aug 20th NSW Cup 2023 Round 25 A Newtown (R) W 56-20 Wests (R) G Ndaira J Berrell Lidcombe   #5 Wing T: 3 View
Aug 27th NSW Cup 2023 Round 26 A Newtown (R) W 48-10 Newcastle (R) G Ndaira J Berrell McD. Jones   #5 Wing   View
Feb 17th NRL Pre-Season Challenge 2024 Game 1 A N Cronulla L 18-44 Newcastle C Fitzgibbon C McInnes Industree 8,663 #25 Reserve T: 1 View

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