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Round 16

Newtown Jets 21 lost to Parramatta Eels 34

Match URL
Sunday, July 8th, 1979
Barry Goldsworthy
Henson Park (Sydney)
  Newtown Jets Parramatta Eels
  21 34

Match Stats

Halftime Score 16 15
Scrums 9 7
Penalties 13 8

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Kevin Pobjie   Lew Platz (2)
    Mick Ryan   Michael Cronin
    Phil Sigsworth   Geoff Gerard
        Neville Glover
        Ray Price
Goals   Ken Wilson (6)   Michael Cronin (8)


Fullback 1. Phil Sigsworth 1. Garry Dowling
Wing 2. Kevin Pobjie 2. Neville Glover
Centre 3. Brian Hetherington 3. Michael Cronin
Centre 4. Mick Ryan 4. Mark Levy
Wing 5. Bruce Pickett 5. John Chapman
Five-Eighth 6. Peter Rowles 6. Mick Pattison
Halfback 7. Ken Wilson (c) 7. Graham Murray
Lock 13. John Ribot de Bresac 8. Ray Price (c)
Second Row 9. Craig Ellis 9. Lew Platz
Second Row 11. Geoff Bugden 10. Geoff Gerard
Front Row 10. Steve Bowden 11. Bob Jay
Hooker 9. Barry Jensen 12. Kevin Webb
Front Row 8. Bill Noonan 13. Ron Hilditch
Coach   Warren Ryan   Terry Fearnley

Note: Forward packs are listed in reverse order.

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