LHF Healthplan National League 2

Round 1


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View  Barrow 32 (A. McClure 2, P. Jones, P. Lupton, J. Marshall, B. Pugh tries; T. Manihera 2, P. Atkinson goals; T. Manihera, J. Marshall field goals) defeated Workington 16 (G. Lewthwaite, K. Long, D. Sharp tries; C. Fisher 2 goals) at Craven Park (Barrow).
Date: Fri, 18th April.   Halftime: Barrow 11-6.   Penalties: 7-all.   Referee: Julian King.   Crowd: 953.
View  Keighley 20 (D. Foster, G. Hewitt, C. Wainwright tries; A. Mitchell 4 goals) defeated Hunslet 12 (I. Higgins, B. Powell tries; P. Hasty, J. Liddell goals) at John Charles Centre for Sport.
Date: Fri, 18th April.   Halftime: Keighley 8-0.   Penalties: Hunslet 12-9.   Referee: Ashley Klein.   Crowd: 607.
View  Sheffield 48 (T. Weller 3, C. Brown 2, G. Brown, G. Hurst, A. Poynter, P. Reilly tries; M. Aston 4, G. Brown 2 goals) defeated London 2 (J. Johnstone goal) at New River Stadium.
Date: Fri, 18th April.   Halftime: Sheffield 10-2.   Penalties: London 11-8.   Referee: Steve Presley.   Crowd: 643.
View  Swinton 31 (C. Hough, L. Hudson, J. Roach, K. Tassell tries; C. Hough 5 goals; C. Hough field goal) defeated Chorley 12 (M. Briggs, M. Gambles tries; M. McCully 2 goals) at Park Lane.
Date: Fri, 18th April.   Halftime: Chorley 12-10.   Penalties: Swinton 8-5.   Referee: Ben Thaler.   Crowd: 446.
View  Gateshead 29 (S. MacDougall 2, R. Barnett, C. Firth, K. Neighbour tries; P. Thorman 4 goals; P. Thorman field goal) defeated York City 12 (G. Lloyd, R. Sheriffe tries; A. Thaler 2 goals) at South Ryedale Stadium.
Date: Fri, 18th April.   Halftime: Gateshead 18-6.   Penalties: York City 11-7.   Referee: Steve Addy.   Crowd: 1,271.