Super League 1997

Round 1


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View  Brisbane 14 (M. Hancock, S. Renouf, B. Thorn tries; D. Lockyer goal) defeated Auckland 2 (M. Ridge goal) at ANZ Stadium.
Date: Sat, 1st March.   Scrums: Auckland 15-11.   Penalties: Auckland 7-4.   Referee: Bill Harrigan.   Crowd: 42,361.
View  North Queensland 24 (S. Walters 2, L. Phillips, T. Smith tries; L. Phillips 4 goals) defeated Adelaide 16 (B. Galea, K. Walters tries; K. Wrigley 4 goals) at Stockland Stadium.
Date: Sat, 1st March.   Scrums: 9-all.   Penalties: 6-all.   Referee: Brian Grant.   Crowd: 17,738.
View  Canterbury 20 (M. Ryan 2, D. Halligan, R. Silva tries; D. Halligan 2 goals) defeated Hunter 16 (N. Goldthorpe, P. Marquet tries; N. Zisti 4 goals) at Topper Stadium.
Date: Sun, 2nd March.   Scrums: Canterbury 15-10.   Penalties: Hunter 6-4.   Referee: Steve Clark.   Crowd: 6,579.
View  Penrith 30 (G. Alexander, S. Carter, S. Domic, R. Girdler, P. Jorgensen tries; R. Girdler 5 goals) defeated Western Reds 20 (G. Fleming 2, J. Grieve, R. Kearns tries; D. Chapman 2 goals) at Penrith Football Stadium.
Date: Sun, 2nd March.   Scrums: Western Reds 10-5.   Penalties: Penrith 8-7.   Referee: Tim Mander.   Crowd: 8,398.
View  Cronulla 26 (M. Rogers 2, R. Barnett, G. Bell, A. Ettingshausen tries; M. Rogers 3 goals) defeated Canberra 4 (D. Booby try) at Sydney Football Stadium.
Date: Mon, 3rd March.   Scrums: 10-all.   Penalties: Cronulla 6-3.   Referee: Graham Annesley.   Crowd: 22,683.