2024 Knock-On Effect NSW Cup

Round 14


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View  Parramatta (R) 18 (M. Doorey, M. Harper, E. Sanders tries; E. Sanders 3 goals) defeated St Geo Illa (R) 14 (M. Ravalawa, D. Russell, C. Tuipulotu tries; J. Glover goal) at WIN Stadium.
Date: Fri, 7th June.   Kickoff: 5:40 PM.   Halftime: Parramatta (R) 6-0.   Penalties: St Geo Illa (R) 8-3.   Referee: Daniel Luttringer.   
View  Canberra (R) 22 (A. Hopoate, J. Martin, N. Martin, J. Stuart tries; A. Cook 3 goals) defeated Wests (R) 20 (Z. Clarke, S. Faataape, T. Johannssen, L. Laulilii tries; T. Da Silva 2 goals) at Lidcombe Oval.
Date: Sat, 8th June.   Kickoff: 2:00 PM.   Halftime: Wests (R) 20-6.   Penalties: Canberra (R) 9-4.   Referee: Karra-Lee Nolan.   
View  Newtown (R) 38 (T. Rodwell 2, L. Ison, K. Pickering, K. Rajab, S. Stonestreet, C. Vea'ila tries; N. Puru 5 goals) defeated Sydney (R) 4 (T. Williams try) at Henson Park.
Date: Sat, 8th June.   Kickoff: 3:00 PM.   Halftime: Newtown (R) 10-4.   Penalties: 8-all.   Referee: Jake Sutherland.   
View  Norths (R) 22 (A. Fitzgibbon, K. Hayman, I. Ogden tries; K. Hayman 5 goals) defeated Penrith (R) 16 (D. Fale, M. Geyer, T. Peachey tries; Z. Lamont 2 goals) at BlueBet Stadium.
Date: Sun, 9th June.   Kickoff: 1:40 PM.   Halftime: Norths (R) 12-0.   Penalties: Norths (R) 9-7.   Referee: Kieren Irons.   
View  Blacktown (Workers) 36 (J. Humphreys 2, C. Faulalo, A. James, J. Paulo, J. Simpkin tries; J. Humphreys 6 goals) defeated Newcastle (R) 16 (H. Sutton 2, L. Moceidreke tries; W. Pryce 2 goals) at Newcastle Centre of Excellence.
Date: Sun, 9th June.   Kickoff: 2:30 PM.   Halftime: Blacktown (Workers) 24-6.   Penalties: Newcastle (R) 8-2.   Referee: Martin Jones.   
View  Canterbury (R) 46 (P. Fa'amausili 2, J. Samrani 2, E. Clark, R. Hoffman, D. Hutchison, J. Skelton tries; E. Clark 7 goals) defeated Souths (R) 4 (B. Mansfield try) at Accor Stadium.
Date: Mon, 10th June.   Kickoff: 1:40 PM.   Halftime: Canterbury (R) 34-0.   Penalties: Souths (R) 6-3.   Referee: Damian Brady.