Challenge Cup 2000

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Barrow Border Raiders 18 lost to Salford City Reds 34

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Sunday, February 13th, 2000
Steve Nicholson
Craven Park (Barrow) (Barrow-In-Furness)
  Barrow Border Raiders Salford City Reds
  18 34

Match Stats

Halftime Score 12 18
Penalties 12 14

Match Scoresheet

Sin Bin (10min)       Joe Faimalo
Tries   Darren Holt (2)   Nick Pinkney (2)
    Stuart Rhodes   Malcolm Alker
        Stuart Littler
        Martin Offiah
        Paul Southern
Goals   Darren Holt (3)   Darren Brown (5)


Fullback 1. Jamie Smith 1. Gary Broadbent
Wing 5. Glenn Hutton 2. Nick Pinkney
Centre 3. Stuart Magorian 3. Stuart Littler
Centre 6. Darren Carter 4. Jason Webber
Wing 1. Paul Salmon 5. Martin Offiah
Five-Eighth 6. Tane Manihera 6. Darren Brown
Halfback 7. Darren Holt 7. Martin Crompton
Front Row 12. Mike Whitehead 8. Paul Southern
Hooker 9. Dave Clark 9. Malcolm Alker
Front Row 10. Chris Whiteley 10. Craig Makin
Second Row 10. Stuart Rhodes 11. Paul Highton
Second Row 16. Gareth Pratt (B) 12. Matthew Leigh
Lock 13. Gary Charlton 13. Mike Wainwright
Bench 17. Steve Jackson 14. Mark Johnson
Bench 17. Ian Rawlinson 31. Warren Ayres
Bench 10. Damien Whitter 16. Joe Faimalo
Bench     17. Neil Baynes

Match Notes

Chris Massey (Barrow) was on the bench but did not play.

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Contributions: Bill Bates


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