Maori Tour 1922 Series

Game 3

New South Wales Seconds 31 def. New Zealand Maori 14

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Monday, June 5th, 1922
Kick Off
3:00 PM (local time)
Tom McMahon Snr
Sydney Cricket Ground (Sydney)
  New South Wales Seconds New Zealand Maori
  31 14

Match Stats

Halftime Score 5 5

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Jack Toohey (2)   Sam Lowrie
    Arthur Oxford   Remi Morrison
    Cecil Seddon    
    Benny Wearing    
Goals   Arthur Oxford (8)   George Gardiner (3)
        Craddock Dufty (1)


Fullback 1. Norm Proctor 1. Craddock Dufty
Wing 2. Benny Wearing 2. Remi Morrison
Centre 3. Cecil Seddon 3. Moses Yates
Centre 4. Oscar Quinlivan 4. Brownie Paki (c)
Wing 5. Jack Toohey 5. Fred Hawawira
Five-Eighth 6. Alf Blair (c) 6. Charlie Faulkner
Halfback 7. Bill Benson 7. Mason Lockwood
Front Row 8. Jack Ives 8. H Maniapoto
Hooker 9. Horace Watt 9. Sam Lowrie
Front Row 10. James Pye 10. Eru Haira
Second Row 11. Alf O'Connor 11. George Paki
Second Row 12. Arthur Oxford 12. William Te Whata
Lock 13. Vic Armbruster 13. George Gardiner

Match Notes

This match was originally scheduled as NSW v Maori, however after the huge defeat by the Maori in the previous game, it was decided to play a NSW 2nd team without all the Kangaroo players to make the game a better contest for spectators. The NSW 2nd team wore Green & Gold jerseys.

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