ARL 1996

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Round 11

Gold Coast Chargers 8 lost to Penrith Panthers 14

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Saturday, June 15th, 1996
Paul Simpkins
Carrara (Gold Coast)
  Gold Coast Chargers Penrith Panthers
  8 14

Match Stats

Halftime Score    
Scrums 7 4
Penalties 4 7

Match Scoresheet

Tries   Kris Currie   Robbie Beckett
        Jason Williams
Goals   Brendan Hurst (2/3)   Ryan Girdler (3/4)


Fullback 1. Dave Watson (c) 1. Bobby Thompson
Wing 2. Lee Oudenryn 2. Jason Williams
Centre 3. Jason Nicol 3. Ryan Girdler
Centre 4. Kris Currie 4. Scott Pethybridge
Wing 5. Jeff Orford 5. Robbie Beckett
Five-Eighth 6. Shane Kenward 6. Steve Carter
Halfback 7. Stuart Topper 7. Garen Casey
Front Row 8. Gavin Whittaker 8. John Cartwright
Hooker 9. Jamie Goddard 9. Brett Boyd
Front Row 10. Martin Bella 10. Steve Waddell
Second Row 11. Brendan Hurst 11. Matt Adamson
Second Row 12. Tony Durheim 12. Carl MacNamara
Lock 13. Jeremy Schloss 13. Morvin Edwards
Bench 14. Damien Driscoll 14. Phil Adamson
Bench 15. Brett Plowman 15. David Alexander
Bench 16. Des Clark 16. Craig Gower
Bench 17. Kevin Ellis 17. Gordon Falcon
Coach   Phil Economidis   Royce Simmons

Match Notes

Gordon Falcon was placed on report after Martin Bella lodged a complaint of eye gouging to referee Paul Simpkins. Steve Ricketts (Sunday Mail, 16/06/1996) reports "No crowd figure was given lasts night, but it must have been barely 1000". The official yearbook quotes the crowd for this game as 2,753, while the 1,500 figure is taken from Rugby League Week.

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